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WordPress Design Agency

Our web design team specialises in building beautiful, functional and profitable websites on the WordPress platform. The nature of WordPress as a well-refined CMS allows for easy content updates, meaning you can even update your online information yourself if required.

With constant new updates and a plethora of online resources available, WordPress is an excellent choice when building an SEO friendly website

Why Use WordPress?

In the past, WordPress was exclusively used as a platform for blogging or for small, personal websites. In an age where Fortune 500 companies require masses of pages, localised content, sub-domains and demand high traffic, WordPress is often looked at as an unsuitable platform. This is not the case.

WordPress is now a fully-fledged Content Management System (CMS) that is entirely capable of powering websites both small and large. With constant updates, plugins and developments, it is an excellent choice when it comes to building a variety of different websites, including eCommerce and portfolio style sites.

Out of the box, WordPress is very SEO friendly. Custom, SEO-friendly URLs, breadcrumbs, sitemaps, RSS feeds and SEO-friendly markup makes it great for search engines and even Google loves WordPress! There are a number of powerful SEO plugins available, such as Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack that will elevate the management of SEO on your WordPress website to a whole new level.

Simply put, WordPress is so flexible and diverse, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be suitable for your business!

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What You Can Expect From Our WordPress Design Service

As with any of our Web Design services, our expertise in WordPress will ensure you get the right website to suit your business requirements and your target audience. Our WordPress designers will work closely with you from concept to build to make sure that your design is visually pleasing as well as offering all the services and functionality you will need to run your day-to-day business online.


The way you look online is more important than you think, and the window for a first impression gets smaller and smaller all the time. We ensure your business looks the very best it can online, maintaining and bolstering your brand.

Increased Conversions

Through a keen understanding of the user intent and how the structure of your pages relates to enquiries, we aim to enduce more interactions from your visitors through eye-catching WordPress design and subliminal digital marketing techniques.

Business Growth

By using a WordPress based design, content management and website updates have never been easier, leaving you with the time you need to focus on growing your business in other areas.

Beautifully Responsive Websites

It’s a fact: Mobile devices (Phones, Tablets, IPads etc) are only becoming more and more popular for browsing the web and have become a part of everyday life.

As a result, Google’s algorithms continue to shift in favour of mobile browsing.

It’s vital that your website is accessible and functional on a multitude of devices, both to offer a great user experience and to keep ahead of the curve in terms of search engine optimisation. Remember… SEO and Web Design go hand in hand!

With Soar Online, you don’t have to worry – all of our websites are designed and built to be functional and look beautiful across all devices.

SEO Training

We pride ourselves on transparency. Want to get a better understanding of SEO and why it’s so important to incorporate into the design process?

Not only do we offer a variety of completely free digital marketing guides and tips, but we provide professional SEO training services too!

Professional SEO Training

Bring your in-house team up to speed with our expert SEO training packages.
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