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Soar Online strikes gold at the inaugural MarTech Awards 2022

Soar Online was delighted to receive the news this week that we have been recognised and awarded at the upcoming MarTech Awards 2022. This is the inaugural awards ceremony held by a leading business magazine, Corporate Vision.

Soar Online has been awarded:

MarTech Awards Logo

Best Boutique SEO Agency – UK

Excellence Award for Digital Recovery Services 2022

We are thrilled to be recognised for the work we have put into helping small and medium-size companies recover digitally from the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.


A little more about the awards 

Corporate Vision claim that they are 

“proud to introduce the MarTech Awards 2022 to its roster of globally recognised award campaigns, with the endeavour to recognise the world’s most committed and cutting-edge marketers – whose innovative solutions and strategies assist brands in accurately, efficiently, and effectively reaching their desired customer base.”

Nominations from all aspects of the marketing world are received,

“From SEO experts and advertising technology specialists to mobile and influencer markets, our 2022 awards will assess and acknowledge leaders in this evolving sector.”


A little more about our nomination

At Soar, the pandemic offered us the opportunity to re-think the way we connect and engage with the business community of Birmingham and beyond.

Starting with a rebrand, we decided to reinvent our look and message. Our logo changed, the colour scheme changed, but most of all, the functions of our website changed.


We now have many tools that are free to use for business owners to check their online identity and digital growth.

We doubled down on what we thought was most valuable and important to people during Covid: information. Accessible information. Our blog is full of regularly updated tips and guides that you don’t need to be a marketing guru to fully understand.


What free tools do we offer?

We implemented a range of free tools so the average business owner can accurately assess the important elements of his/her website for free. All information we provide is critical to recovering digitally from an SEO perspective.


Website Checker Tool

Our website checker tool, which you can find on the header of our homepage examines and analyses your URL and provides a run down on a few important elements.

It tells you:

  • Your top 10 Keyword Rankings in your company’s specific location.

    The list is ordered by the keywords that drive the most traffic to your page. You can get a grasp on your position on Google for these keywords, how often they’re being searched for, and the estimated traffic those keywords drive to your website.

  • How many keywords rank in the top 100 pages on Google.

    We’ll tell you how many keywords your entire website ranks for, and on what page your listing sits for each one

  • Usability

    We’ll grade the usability of your website across all platforms. It’s important your website is mobile-friendly!

    Soar mobile usability

  • Mobile Speed


Page Loading Speed tool

Our website loading speed tool details how quickly your website loads. Google places a huge emphasis on load speed times in a focus to maximize user experience. Ranking and assessment is done on a mobile-first basis. Our performance test will show which files and resources are keeping you from having lightning-fast speed!


Keyword Ranking Report

We have an automated keyword ranking report which helps business owners and marketers understand their current ranking positions on Google in more detail.

keyword ranking

Simply tell us the top 10 keywords you want to rank for and we’ll set up free, automated email reports showing you week-on-week movements in the ranking for each word or keyphrase.


The Soar 500 Club

Another initiative centered around the digital recovery of SMBs around Birmingham, London, and beyond is the 500 club.

The 500 club is for smaller businesses with smaller budgets who still want to succeed online.

For £500 a month, companies receive:

  • An individual hosting plan – no more spammy shared hosting
  • Review schema implemented on their website


    Schema example

  • 3 Hours of marketing support per month – you choose the topic of these hours
  • General website error fixes
  • One content piece per month


5 benefits, £500 a month.

We greatly appreciate the judges of the MarTech Awards for recognising our offering of free tools and low-cost services, which we believe continue to add value to our community during times of recovery.

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MarTech Awards Logo

Soar Online
Best Boutique SEO Agency UK

Excellence Award for Digital Recovery Services 2022

Track the keywords & phrases your clients would use to search for your business

Use our handy tool to receive keyword ranking reports on a weekly basis – it’s fast and free.

500 Club

5 Fantastic Benefits
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The Digital Revolution is happening right now

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