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Youtube SEO Services

Video Marketing is an important part of any online marketing mix in this day and age. But simply uploading a bunch of poorly made clips to YouTube isn’t going to bear much fruit. This is where optimisation of videos comes in to play.

Video Optimisation & Youtube SEO

YouTube, particularly post the Google acquisition, bow offers you huge SEO benefits helping you rank well within the search results pages and of course building your authority and reputation with the search engines. Optimised correctly, your videos will rank well for your chosen keywords and will appear on the search results pages with a thumbnail of the video.

Google understands that for your chosen keywords or phrases, some people searching will prefer a video explanation and that some searchers will find it much more useful than it’s written counterpart.

Successful video marketing will also help people familiarise themselves in more detail with you, your brand and your products and this will help you define yourself as an authority in your field. A key to helping you achieve this is successful video optimisation and here at Soar online our SEO team of experts are well versed with how to run successful video marketing campaigns as part of your overall SEO (Search engine optimisation) strategy.

The key to a successful video marketing campaign lies with the person viewing the video. It is important to ensure that the audience you are engaging with is the audience you with to reach.

Our team of Video Marketing experts will help you engage with the right audience by successfully optimising the video and monitoring important engagement metrics such as viewing times, engagement rates, bounce rates, keyword relevance, subscriber reactions such as likes and comments etc.

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