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SEO – Link Building Services

Link building involves getting other websites that are on the internet to ‘link’ to yours. When you visit websites ‘hyperlinks’ are used as a way of navigating from one page to another and also in between websites.

What is Link Building?

Links are very important in Organic SEO and are signals for the search engines and are used by the likes of Google to help determine how they rank your website and its pages (think of it almost like a voting system, where a link back to your website from another is a vote or a thumbs up!). One thing for sure is that you will need high-value links pointing to your website if you are going to rank well and above your competitors.

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How do search engines use links?

The search engines use these links to crawl websites and the links between websites. Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO and these links inform the search engines of the importance and relevance of your website. The more quality links you have pointing to your website, particularly from authoritative websites, the better. As an overall part of your SEO strategy, our experienced link building team will use our proven link building techniques to build high-quality links with other websites putting you ahead of your competitors. There are two ways that search engines use links. Once the search engines have visited the website pages they use these links to extract information about the page. They then add the content to their indexes and this is where they assess the quality of the content and whether it should be ranked for certain keywords. Content is only part of the overall ranking factors that the search engines apply to their ranking algorithms. They also take into account the number of links that there are pointing to the page from other websites on the internet. They also assess the quality of both the pages that host the content and the pages that link to it and if these meet the search engines requirements then you have a good chance of ranking well within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits Of Link Building?

Link building is an important part of any SEO campaign. It involves not just writing content and linking to available sources, it involves a lot of research. Your research will include looking for suitable websites and blogs that you wish to link back to your website and also monitoring your competitors in order to see where their links are coming from. Monitoring your competitors is a huge resource of information for available links and can save you a lot of time. At Soar online we constantly monitor your competitors for you and also the top three websites on Google that compete for your chosen keywords. From these websites, we can see who links to them and we can monitor newly acquired links on a monthly basis. Our professional team of link builders will then acquire suitable links on your behalf. What may be overlooked when link building is the links that you do not want. It is very easy for a website to link to your website and some are links that you may not want. Our link building team at Soar Online will constantly monitor your link profile to ensure that your website remains competitive and compliant with the search engines guidelines. We will use appropriate procedures to ensure that your website is not linked to third-party websites that are not relevant to your industry. Link building is a long term project and one that is an ongoing task within your project task list. Links take time to have an effect and have a positive effect on your keyword rankings. With our team of SEO experts working on your behalf you will see an increase in traffic and an increase in the number of links that point to your website. Link building is a constant and ongoing task and our efforts will bring long term and ongoing results. There is no quick fix and you should avoid attempts to manipulate the search engines, this will have a devastating effect on your website rankings and subsequently the volume of traffic and visitors to your website. Avoid the temptation to buy links to your website. This is frowned upon by the search engines and recovering from Google Penalties is costly and it will take a long time to recover your ranking positions.

What Are The Benefits Of Building Backlinks?

Links are very important signals for the search engines and are used by the search engines to help determine how they rank your website and its pages. One thing for sure is that you will need high value links pointing to your website if you are going to rank well and above your competitors. These links will also help you drive traffic to your website. More traffic means more enquiries and thus more business or sales. Link building comes in many forms, some in technical forms and others in basic forms such as content on your website or blog. Creating good content for your website is vital and we would always recommend that you facilitate a blog on your website as this is a way of building relevant content and help building your brand. A good blog will help you build authority with other industry people and you should aim to become an authority for those within your industry. It is important to maintain a ‘link profile’ with the search engines and our team of link building experts will ensure that you have a good profile with the search engines. Our link building techniques are proven and established and we will ensure that the links we build for you will stand the scrutiny of the search engines.
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