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SEO is the foundation to a sustainable and lucrative online business. 

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Organic traffic brings great results. We combine tried & tested, data-driven and creative strategies to make sure that your website is seen and loved by your target audience.

Every part of the website is important. Content, usability, navigation and conversion. Unlike other agencies, we consider and perfect every aspect of your website so that your future leads are coming to you.

We only work with businesses with big ambitions.

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There are tons of ranking factors to a great SEO strategy. But you’re not here for the technical stuff. You want to hear about how we make your business an online hit…

We make your website sing. With an optimised website structure, your visitors will enjoy a seamless journey through your site

High rankings come from great content. Our team of writers are specialists in producing high quality material that Google and your readers will love ❤️

Unlike other SEO agencies, we take a consultative approach. We’ll track and map your digital journey out for you with insights and high-level reporting.

The Digital Revolution is happening right now

Give your online business some altitude.

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Industry Expertise

No matter the industry, customer journeys these days usually start on Google. Which means our services and SEO strategies can apply to any business in any industry.  

Our results have proven exceptional in these particular fields giving us a competitive edge.

Financial services

Financial Services

We have proven experience in the Foreign Exchange (FX) and Financial Services sector.

Legal services

Legal Services

We have proven experience in SEO for legal services, such as solicitors and employment tribunals.

Automotive Industry

We have proven experience in digital marketing for automotive businesses such as car tuners and dealers.

Events and hospitality

Hospitality & Events

Our experience ranges from SEO campaigns for corporate events to large scale hospitality experiences and more.

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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the science of optimising one’s website and/or digital presence in order to achieve higher quality and quantity of web traffic from search engines.

An excellent SEO strategy will improve the organic growth of your website as it targets unpaid traffic rather than paid or direct visitors.

There are many strategies and techniques which combine to form a flawless SEO strategy but the main components are as follows. 


Content: It all starts with content. Through the content on your website you create the theme and structure for your targeted audience. Google bases its indexing and ranking behaviours around the content it finds on your website.


Technical SEO: Your site needs to be set up and structured properly to make it as easy as possible for search engine spiders to crawl your website seamlessly.

Linking: Both internal and external links help your website rank on search engines for your products or services.

Our SEO agency can help you achieve first-page results on Google for prospective customers searching for your solutions. The term ‘organic traffic’ refers to visitors that click through to your website from Google and other search engines after entering a keyword that matches the solutions you provide.

Our SEO services will help put your website ‘on the map’ to a whole load of new prospective customers that are searching for things you sell. We’ll structure your website so that you become a lead-generating powerhouse in no time.

Following on from the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are future-proofing their businesses online. More and more people are shopping online and including ‘digital’ in the majority of their purchase journeys. 

We use SEO, PPC, and other digital activities to help that journey lead to your website. Book a call with SEO experts in London or Birmingham and we’ll discuss your marketing goals, your business objectives, your place in the market and build a bespoke SEO strategy from there.

We give full visibility to all of our digital and search engine optimisation activities. Each of our clients receives monthly update reports via video. They receive traffic growth reports and timesheets. They receive keyword ranking reports. Clients also have full visibility on our content calendar and will sign off any work before it goes live on your website. And in addition to all of that, we have monthly progress catch-ups.

The first step is for you to order a website review from us or set up a call to discuss your company and objectives in a little more depth. The SEO experts at Soar Online will then conduct some competitor, industry, and keyword analysis. Having mapped out a tailored strategy that aligns with both this research and your business objectives we’ll present our plan to you. After that, we exchange the necessary access details to your site, set you up the necessary accounts and monitoring applications and away we go!

At Soar, we pride ourselves on our experience in the industry. Our team has talent in all areas of the digital marketing spectrum, ensuring your strategy and project is in the best of hands at all times.

We also work to real results. We don't do smoke and mirrors, only measureable stats and data so that you can see progress, results and ROI.

We don't guarantee specific rankings or specific keyword results - that's simply not how SEO works!

We take a hollistic approach that focuses on bringing in good quality organic traffic from a wide audience, ultimately resulting in more leads and more sales. 

SEO is a long-term investment that can take anywhere from 6 months to 6 years to fully grow. There is also no finish line when it comes to SEO - it's a constantly evolving beast that requires proactive research and techniques to maintain.

SEO Training

We pride ourselves on transparency. Want to learn more about SEO or the full digital marketing mix before applying it to your business?

Not only do we offer a variety of completely free digital marketing guides and tips, but we provide professional SEO training services too!

Professional SEO Training

Bring your in-house team up to speed with our expert SEO training packages.
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