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Link Building 2

Backlink Quality vs Quantity: Which is More Important?

A good marketer knows that link building is a crucial part of search engine optimisation (SEO); however, the quality vs quantity debate continues to separate marketers when it comes to the importance of backlinks. Although Google places a little more value on quality, having an extensive link profile can be advantageous.

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Desktop Google March Update
Google Updates

Google Rolls Out New Page Experience Update for Desktop

The page experience update was rolled out on mobile-first. Google confirmed in November 2021 that they would introduce the same update for desktop in February 2022. According to Google, the page experience update for desktop will be based on the same signals rolled out on mobile, except for mobile-friendliness being a requirement.

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Google Ads on Mobile

Google Shopping: New Experience Scorecard Announced

Google quietly announced a new shopping experience scorecard on the back of confirming the page experience update for desktop websites and search results. The tech giant introduced the shopping experience scorecard to promote online retailers that provide “excellent customer experiences”.

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Social Media

Algorithms and Social Media

Social media is a powerful instrument for communication and has significantly impacted our culture. It’s become a part of everyday activity for most people across the globe, with recent data showing more than 4.62 billion social media users worldwide in January 2022. 

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