How To Generate Quality Business Leads, Without SEO

SEO is a powerful way to generate business leads, this is a fact that can’t be overlooked as more and more of your potential customers go to the web over any other route. However, it can also be quite risky to solely rely on your SEO as a means of lead generation without investing time into other routes to market.

Whilst we are by no means suggesting that you should ditch your SEO in favour of any of the strategies outlined below, we do advise that you utilise them to supplement your organic SEO efforts and create quality leads in addition to those created by your website rankings.

1 – Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook introduced Lead Ads back in 2015 as a means to collect business leads through the use of ads in Facebook’s newsfeed, positioned in between posts. Considering the near 2-billion user count of Facebook, it is a resource that should be harnessed, with the ability to serve targeted ads to a vast pool of potential customers.

When a Leads Ad is interacted with by the user, by way of a button (usually ‘sign up’, ‘download’, ‘submit’ etc.) a form pops up that is already pre-generated with data extracted from their profile, making it extremely easy to fill in. In most cases, all the user needs to do is confirm that the information is correct.

These leads are stored in a CSV file that is available to download, meaning you can harness this data however you wish, such as importing it into your CRM or email platform.

2 – Linkedin Lead Generation Forms

Linkedin is a platform designed for business, making it a powerful source of quality business leads, particularly thanks to its 400 million strong user base. It also offers a tool that makes lead generation easy, the aptly named Linkedin Lead Generation Forms. This tool is a free resource that utilises sponsored content campaigns to collect user data and therefore potential leads.

As with the Facebook Lead ads, Linkedin’s lead generation forms are auto-filled with the users profile data, therefore reducing the effort required to fill it out.

3 – Google Adwords Landing Pages

Millions of businesses are utilising Google Adwords to generate leads and sales, in fact it is the most popular form of online, paid advertising. By building campaigns, bidding on keywords and linking your ad to a landing page, you can grow your business leads drastically.

The guidelines for landing pages are quite strict, however. Whilst Facebook is fairly lenient when it comes to your landing page content, Google Adwords is not. It is important to take user experience, quality and trustworthiness into account when designing your landing page.

As long as you follow Google’s guidelines, your landing page should be approved and you can now advertise it on other Google platforms such as Google Display Network, Google Search network and YouTube.

4 – Guest Blogging & Retargeting

Whilst guest blogging is a good way to boost your SEO using backlinks, it is also a great source of quality, targeted leads. By utilising websites and blogs that have the same audience as your business, you can garner interest by writing content that the audience will find useful and draw them back to your own website by way of a backlink.

Combine this with the use of a retargeting campaign like Facebook Pixel. With this in place, you can serve your audience with a further ad as soon as they get to Facebook from your website, therefore keeping your brand in front of them whilst it’s fresh in their mind.

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