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Business Coaching: All the top tips and resources you need

  • What is business coaching?
  • How can a business coach help you?
  • What are the benefits of hiring a coach?
  • Tips and guides to finding the perfect coach
  • Business Coaching FAQS

Business owners and marketing professionals experience the peaks and the troughs of performance and productivity, to say the least. Things may be glitteringly positive for six months and then you may have a month or two of low performance and inactivity. It is completely normal to experience these different periods in your career. Business coaching can be an extremely useful tool when navigating these testy waters.

The finest business coaches will not stop at business. Nope, these marvels aim to provide a source of support in life too. Business coaches can help improve relationships at work, set goals, improve decision-making, and can support almost all functions of the company. In this article, we’ll break down the benefits of business coaching and help you understand whether you need one for marketing & lead generation.

What is business coaching?

Business coaches are helpers. They advise and consult owners, managers, C-level, general business professionals, and others on how to achieve growth, solve problems and get the most out of their companies and themselves as people. Coaches usually formulate their advice based on a blend of personal experience, industry analysis, and general research.

As business coaching is quite broad, and the solution you may require a coach for could be quite refined, it pays to do some research into the different types of business coaching services. Find the one that suits your objectives best as there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to all business problems.

How can a business coach help you?

A business coach will examine and observe you. Yes, you as a professional but also as an individual. It is your achievements, experiences, behaviour, mistakes, and habits that help you become the decision-maker and problem solver you are. This is the distinction between a coach and a business consultant. It is the individual characteristics that a coach will help you use to your advantage.

The more you focus on your own growth, the more likely your positive habits will translate into success in your critical business thinking. Expect the finest business coaches to help you overcome emotional and spiritual barriers as well as logical ones. Your feedback will likely be straightforward and focused on accountability for the decisions you make in your private and business life.

Coaches help all types of people at different points in their careers. However, the two most common scenarios in which one would employ a business coach is:

  • When an individual is struggling to launch a new business
  • When an individual has struggled to find a solution to an issue that is preventing their business from further growth

What are the personal benefits of hiring a business coach?

Employing the services of a coach can provide massive benefits to you and your character. But here is the thing: you have to want it. If you are willing to meet the coach halfway and work to achieve the results, then you’re likely to benefit from the following.

Elevating your self-awareness

Self-awareness is a conscious knowledge of your own character, emotions, feelings, and beliefs. When you’re aware of your own strengths and your pitfalls, you can use that emotional information to your advantage in business.

A great business coach will tell you to double down on what you’re good at and relieve yourself of the worry you hold when focusing on your weaknesses. If you’re lacking that innate motivation to achieve, self-awareness may be at the heart of the reason why.

Building your confidence

Confidence lies at the core of most successful people and professions. You can see the effect confidence has on a team or an individual in sports. Confidence in many cases can level the playing field with regards to skill or talent. A business coach will lift you up and help you box off low self-esteem.

Confidence can similarly be damaging to our business decisions. Business coaching can help you realise when confidence is blindsiding reality and can help prevent poor choices from being made.

Exiting the comfort zone

All entrepreneurs, directors and marketers know that the comfort zone can be a dangerous place to be. You may be at a juncture in your life/business where you may not need to graft as hard as you once did to achieve the results you want. But with comfort sometimes comes oversight in improvement and innovation.

A sense of clarity

Business owners who have grafted and made a success of their companies through determination and savvy will likely miss hurdles and bottlenecks that occur in general everyday business life. It is obviously difficult to keep all cylinders firing optimally all the time.

Coaches can help you identify these bottlenecks. Whether they lie within financial processes, operational productivity, the supply chain, or anything else. Coaches will usually identify them, and provide a clear plan on how to rectify the issue over a certain time period.

Increasing productivity levels

This is one of the prime reasons why people seek the services of business coaches. There is no magic spell or go-go-gadget command that can boost your productivity levels. Rather, productivity often stems from a routine of good habits, a good diet, and a good mindset. These are all things a coach seeks to improve.

As a new business owner, you may be striving to stick to a routine. Whether you’re struggling to work a full 9-5 day without a higher authority commanding you to, or whether you’re committing 12 hours per day to your new venture. Productivity is the result of routine and efficiency.

Owning accountability

It is incredibly important in business to be able to hold yourself accountable. For those that struggle with disciplining themselves, a business coach can help develop the right habits that are usually in tandem with personal growth. James Clear, an expert on behavioural phycology, claims that it takes roughly 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. For a habit to form. Until that habit sticks it’s about great advice and perseverance!

Tips to help you find the perfect business coach

We cannot stress enough how important it is to find the right business coach to suit you and your unique business objectives. It’s your goals that need to be achieved, so match the right coach to them from the outset.

  • Find a coach that compliments your niche. The art of business coaching lies in the unique blend of research and experience. It is advisable to start your search from within your industry. You’ll get the most out of your coach if they’ve experienced common pitfalls in your area before.
  • Find someone that compliments your values & ethos. We all have personal philosophies and hold specific values dear. These are usually incredibly important to the success of your business and should not have to change.
  • Check review sites. Reviews are commonplace across most industries now and this is no different. Find a coach with excellent reviews to foresee what experience you might have with them.
  • Define your goals. A Business Coach will be more effective if you outline your business goals straight away. Are you looking to revolutionise your online digital presence through SEO or online advertising? Is it establishing new sales channels? Define your targets clearly and early on.

Four Business Coaching Resources to utilise

Here’s a shortlist of effective Business Coaching Services available in 2021

Vanguard Business Coaching

An excellent resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Andy Turner seeks to identify a minimum of £10,000 in new revenue for your business on the back of a single 45-minute call.

Soar Online

We take a consultative approach with our clients when it comes to digital marketing and elevating their digital presence. Specialists in Search Engine Optimisation, lead generation, organic growth and paid advertising, we can outline extremely effective strategies to grow your brand and your revenue stream.


Another fantastic resource for new business owners and entrepreneurs. They’ve been in the business for over 40 years and have helped millions of owners form businesses that work. Their coaching program is unique and helps you foster both business and individual growth.

The common questions surrounding business coaches

Here are the FAQs that most people ask in their pursuit of a new business coach.

How much will a business coach cost me?

Business coaching costs can differ significantly based on the experience level of the coach, the necessities of the session, and the degree of personalisation required of the programme. On average, you’ll find prices within the region of £100-£1000 per session.

What services do business coaches offer?

Business coaches tend to personalise their programmes based on your individual issue. As discussed in this blog, there are many reasons why someone would hire a business coach – but they’re there to inform, consult, and advise based on an assessment of your industry, issues, objectives, and characteristics.

What should I expect from my first meeting with a business coach?

During your first meeting with your new business coach, you should expect them to discuss your professional and personal objectives, the issues and pain points that led to their hire, and the strategies they plan to implement to help you achieve growth.

Is a business coach worth it?

Although sometimes expensive, It is very important to view the employment of a business coach as an investment. A great coach will no doubt provide you with the right skills, solutions, and mentality to earn more from your business in the future. They are worth the initial cost if you feel you need expert help in taking your business to the next level.

Will I definitely make more money if I work with a business coach?

Nothing is definite in love and business. The way to make more money with a business coach is to throw yourself into the work entirely. Feed off their suggestions and be willing to graft to achieve the results of the personalised plan that you both agree is the best route for your business.

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