4 Common Domain Name Misconceptions

Here are 4 common misconceptions about registering a domain name.

1 – Registering a domain name is difficult!

You can purchase or ‘register’ a domain name in as little as 5 minutes these days. There are plenty of registrar websites that function like clockwork and are designed to be as simple as possible. They offer the tools to search for available domain names as well as offer suggestions for others if the specific one you’re looking for is already registered.

Our personal favourite is namecheap.com, but a simple Google search will give you many, many alternatives to try out and it generally comes down to personal preference.

2 – I only need one if I have a website

There are more reasons to own a domain name than just for hosting a website. Many people register a domain so that they can utilise a professionally branded email address, or as a way of pointing visitors to elsewhere on the web, or they register it prior to even building a website just to ‘reserve’ the domain before someone else does.

It’s a smart move to purchase a domain name ahead of time, so that when you’re ready to build a website, you have peace of mind that you already have the domain you want secured.

3 – Registering a domain is expensive

Depending on the extension of the domain and the period of time you want to secure it for, some domain names can be registered for as little as 99 cents for a year. It’s quite common for businesses to buy domain names in bulk to use in a portfolio or overall marketing campaign. There are some “designer” domain names out there that cost in the thousands (and even millions!), but for the most part they are extremely affordable.

4 – Registering a domain = owning a domain

When you register a domain, it’s more akin to renting it than owning in. Domain names are purchases usually in annual increments and once that period of time has passed, you have the choice of renewing the registration or letting it go back on the market. It’s not uncommon for other businesses to swoop in and take your domain if it becomes available, particularly if it has attracted a lot of traffic previously – so it’s important to keep on top of renewing your domain if you wish to ‘keep’ it!

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