What’s New In WordPress 4.8?

What’s New In WordPress 4.8?

WordPress 4.8, named “Evans” in a nod to jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans, is now available for download or for those of you already using the popular CMS update in your WordPress dashboard.

While at first glance the updates may seem minor they have been brought with users in mind to give some of our old friends a much-needed refresh.


  • Adding Images: Gone are the days of having to use <img> tags to insert an image within a widget. You can now add images without the use of code within the widget’s settings
  • Adding Videos: You can now use any Video from your Media Library within a widget. This now allows you to easily enrich your sidebar with a showreel or an introductory video to promote your website.
  • Adding Audio: This is a long overdue update for the podcasters and musicians among us. You can now use any audio file within your Media Library in a widget.
  • Rich Text Widget: This is an update that many would say is well overdue. A simplified version of the default WordPress editor is now included for text widgets. The ability to add formatting quickly and easily will be a godsend to many users.

Link Boundaries

Editing links previously has been somewhat of a headache. Many of you will have felt the frustration in trying to update the text around a link and even find that the new text after the link is also linked. The new link boundaries feature saves you the headache and frustration and will make you happier!

Nearby WordPress Events

With WordPress behind almost 27% of all websites on the internet you can imagine it has quite a following and community behind it.

There are regular meetings in more than 400 cities in the world where like minded people come together and discuss everything that is WordPress.

There are also more than 89 WordCamps organised in 34 countries that cover all six continents.

WordCamps take place over the course of a weekend and attract some of the biggest names within the WordPress community. Over the weekend a number of seminars will take place which are suited to WordPress users.

Previously finding information about these WordPress events could prove difficult but now all the details are collated and displayed for you on your WordPress Dashboard.

The Geeky Stuff!

Whilst the updates above will please all users including developers the following “under the hood” updates apply to the true WordPress geeks.

Removal of Core Support for WMV and WMA Files

With Silverlight being supported by fewer and fewer browsers file formats that require the presence of Silverlight are being removed from core support. Files will still be available but as a download link rather than an embedded player.

Text-Editor JavaScript API

With the advent of TinyMCE being brought to the text widget comes a new JavaScript API for instantiating the editor after page load. This allows developers to add the editor to any text area and customise it – great news!

Media Widgets API

With the introduction of a new base media widget REST API brings the possibility for even more media widgets such as galleries and playlists in the future.