Top 4 Business Benefits of Social Media

Top 4 Business Benefits of Social Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon, in fact its growth has been enormous over the last two decades. What started out as an experiment for communication and socialising has turned into huge businesses thriving on just how much personal data people are willing to make available to these networks.

From a business point of view, social media networks have opened up numerous different opportunities to present brands, products, services and messages to the right type of people at the right time. It has also turned into a constant battlefield of attempting to stay ahead of the trend and stick out to potential customers who are bombarded with the same messages and advertisements continuously throughout the day.

With that being said, if your business isn’t using social media, you’re likely missing out to your competitors who do.  There are many reasons for a business to use social media as a tool, and here are the top 5:

Lightning fast, simple communication

Many businesses have thrived by making their customer service representatives readily available via social media. It’s now faster and easier than ever for customers to give their feedback, voice their grievances and resolve their problems with customer service. What was previously a difficult line of communication to establish has now become second nature for both consumer and the business, with real time feedback via platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Organic Visibility Boost

Social media, when used correctly, can offer a whole variety of benefits to your organic SEO. Whilst Google have stated that social media likes, favourites, shares and backlinks don’t directly affect ranking signals — but there is definitely a correlation between social media activity and how it is ranked by search engines.

Social networking platforms will also help to add to a healthy backlink profile, by way of generating a wide variety of backlink types if your brand’s content is shared and posted by other websites.

Customer Feedback

It’s imperative, for an online business’ success, that their activity and offerings are based on the need of the audience, not the simply vision of the business owner. The focus is on the customer, regardless of industry. Social media is a fantastic aid in maintaining a good reputation with your customer base by listening and reacting to their feedback. That also means businesses are receiving real customer feedback directly from the source, faster than ever before.

Increase Traffic

More often than not, social media content will include some type of link back to your website, product or service, and many users browsing social media will expect this to be the case. The purpose of posting on social media as a business is to offer valuable and engaging information to the customer that will build trust with your brand and give them a reason to want to visit your website and browse your services. It is a perfect way to engage with existing brand followers as well as refer potential new customers, who may not have interacted with your business before, to be interested in your brand and what you offer.