Top 7 Tips For Your Christmas Social Media Strategy

Top 7 Tips For Your Christmas Social Media Strategy

With the Black Friday rush over and the start of December rapidly approaching, you may have noticed people already getting in the mood for Christmas. Soon the trees will be out, lights up and the awful festive jumpers will begin to appear more and more often around the office. Everyone is winding down for the end of the year, and it’s all about to get even more relaxing the closer we get to Christmas.

Now is the time to really grab the attention of your audience and secure some excellent opportunities for starting the New Year on the right foot. Lets take a look at the top 7 tips we’ve put together for putting a festive spin on your social media marketing campaigns whilst also ramping up that engagement rate throughout December.

1 – Festive Competitions

Christmas is all about giving, and people absolutely love freebies and giveaways around this time. You will have to think of something relevant to your audience as well as your services, but putting a Christmas themed competition on your social media platform is a great way of enticing some engagement. A festive-themed photo competition is a good example, where a submission of your audience’s Christmas decorations nets them an entry draw for a special discount, voucher or free product. Not only does this gather you some interest and engagement, it’s also fantastic for UGC – user generated content.

2 – Get “Christmassy” On Your Pages, Logos and Cover Photos

This is a simple and quick win, but it’s one that is often over-looked by businesses during the festive period. Even something as easy as adding some snowflakes, holly berries or a Christmas hat to your logo, background or cover photos shows that your business is current. It can also be the difference between making your business stand out against those that don’t have any eye-catching additions on their pages.

3 – Create Facebook Shopping Channels

The closer we get to Christmas, the more people are in the mood for making last-minute gift purchases. By adding your products directly to your Facebook business page, you are opening up another channel for sales whilst you are engaging with your audience. As a bonus, you can create collections and group your products for specific targeted audiences, such as the best products for mothers, fathers, him/her etc.

4 – Add a Festive Hashtag

You can piggyback on a trending hashtag, or create your own twist on a popular hashtag that is more relevant to your brand. Either way, hashtagging your content is a powerful way to distribute your content and entice more engagement from a wider audience.

5 – Create Christmas Discussions

Sparking a healthy debate can make for some serious engagement on social media, and Christmas has some classic topics for discussion. Mulled Wine vs Eggnog, Do you enjoy watching the Queen’s Speech? How early is too early to crack open the alcohol on Christmas day? Just asking a simple question, or better yet adding in some polls and imagery, can spark a discussion and ramp up those engagements.

6 – Create a Christmas Gift Guide

Creating content focused on your ‘top 10 Christmas gifts for him/her’, with links to your select products and special offers not only keeps your social media platform current and festive, but it also drives views and potential customers to make a purchase. Whether sharing this organically or creating a paid Facebook ad campaign you could find yourself netting a tonne of new traffic, shares and hopefully some sales.

7 – Christmas Count-down

Users enjoy structured content, so by having a day-by-day countdown to Christmas with specific content each day, you’ll often find people coming back to your page to see what’s next. It could be a tid-bit of information on each day, a special offer, product reveal or even a daily Christmas-themed trivia question as we get closer and closer to the 25th.

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