Why You Should Invest in SEO

Why You Should Invest in SEO

The popularity of SEO is ever growing, so much so that it has become almost a necessity for new and established business alike. Why? Simply put, SEO garners intelligent traffic to your website. It’s without doubt that search remains the best source of getting the right type of audience to your website, beating social media to the no.1 traffic generator spot by a whopping 300%. If that doesn’t make your mouth water and want to rethink your digital marketing strategy to focus more on SEO, I don’t know what will.

According to multiple trustworthy sources, around 93% of all online experiences start with a simple search, whether that be via Google or another search engine (people do still use them you know!). Partner this with the studies that show more than 70% of internet users today only click on organic search results, ignore paid ads entirely and never scroll past page 1 of the search results, and it becomes quite clear just how important a solid, organic SEO strategy is.

If that doesn’t convince you, it’s safe to say that for the time being, SEO isn’t going anywhere. A study conducted by Borrell Associates has shown that the SEO industry as a whole is already worth a huge $65 billion and is still on the rise. It isn’t a passing fad and people are continuing to value it. Not only this, but SEO is getting more and more effective and more and more business are setting aside a larger chunk of their marketing budget purely for SEO and its related activities. Borrell Associates’ research predicts that the SEO industry will continue to grow to an estimated $72 billion by 2018, and $79 billion by 2020, which, if at all accurate, suggests that SEO is bringing a significant return on investment to those that implement it properly.

But getting the right people to handle your SEO strategy can be quite perplexing. Everyone practices SEO differently, and there are a few different avenues you can take, such as hiring your own SEO in-house team, employing freelancer or outsourcing to an SEO specialist agency. Call us bias, but the matter of fact is that by utilising an SEO agency can be far more profitable than working with a single freelancer and is far less of a headache than constructing a professional SEO team in-house, from scratch.

A good SEO agency not only does all of the leg work, but they advise the client how to get from point A to B in the best possible way. This includes a full analysis of their current digital footprint and visibility as well as their website. Analysis usually includes:

  • Site structure analysis: checking robots.txt, indexation status, sitemap, page load speed, looking for site errors, duplicate content, duplicate title tags, missing title tags, etc. – basically, all the necessities that need to be structured properly for Google (and any other search engine) to successfully read your site.
  • Content analysis: Checking all the existent content on our client’s site to determine if there are any missing pages, duplicate content issues, poorly optimized post, etc. – this sort of thing helps us figure out what works for our particular client and what doesn’t – what we need to eliminate and what we need to replicate in order to keep things moving forward.
  • Off-page analysis: The third and final part of our analysis focuses on finding what people are saying about the client online and how we can turn that buzz to their advantage. This usually involves coming up with ideas on how to increase the client’s organic search, customer loyalty and retention, list their business in various relevant directories, and so on.

To summarise, SEO looks to be here to stay, as technology advances, so will SEO. Now is the time to invest in a sound SEO strategy and a good agency, as to not be left behind on the search engines by your competitors.