How Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

How Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

Choosing the best web hosting for your site can be crucial in helping to determine how you rank with the search engines. Several factors combine to affect SEO and it is important to understand how the factors relating to web hosting can impact your website.

Undesirable “Neighbours”

The reputation of websites hosted on the same server as your own can have an impact on how your website performs when it comes to SEO and potential penalties from Google. If you are hosting your website on a shared server, then make sure to check whether your website will be sitting alongside potentially undesirable sites, such as adult, gambling or spam-orientated domains or you could find yourself being “guilty by association”!

If you are unsure of how your hosting performs or what other websites you share your hosting with, we can provide you with a free report; just use our quick form below to get started.

Up-Time & Downtime Of Your Web Hosting

This is a very important factor for your website’s ranking and SEO. If your website suffers from regular downtime due to the web hosting, then this is more likely to affect your ranking with Google as they will not want to send users to ‘dead’ pages. Using a reliable web hosting service which suffers from minimal downtime is crucial. A good hosting plan will give see 99% uptime with some offering service level agreements guaranteeing service.


In recent times Google has been making major changes to their search algorithms and have now placed massive importance on local SEO. If you are looking to target local businesses via search engines, always ensure you use are using a server located in the country/region that is associated with the location of your business. However, if you’re working on global product then where you host will not a huge factor.

Acceleration or Speed of Web Hosting Server

The speed of the server also plays a major role. No matter how well your website is optimised, if your server speed is slow, then your rankings will be affected. So always ensure to adhere to the best structure to speed up your production/live website. There are plenty of useful testing tools to check your server response time. Try this one and test your server response.


One of the main dangers of choosing a web hosting service with a poor reputation is the adverse effects it can have on your SEO. Should your web hosting service be penalised then all of the websites associated with that host, could be subject to a Google penalty.

Always research the wide range of web hosting services, paying particular attention to downtime statistics, the location of the service and the speed at which they run.