Top Tips for Finding an SEO Expert

Top Tips for Finding an SEO Expert

What’s the point of owning a Ferrari if you don’t have the key to drive it? You may have the prettiest website on the internet, with the most sought-after product in your industry; but without a solid presence on search engines and a steady flow of traffic, you could well be wasting precious resource and lacking a return on investment. This is where an SEO expert steps into the spotlight – an individual or a team with the knowledge and experience to finally make your website work for you.

But In a saturated market, how do find the right SEO expert for you? How can you tell if a team or individual can really achieve the return on investment you are looking for? Here are some key areas to look at when choosing a provider of Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing.

Years of Experience

SEO as a landscape has been changing for many years, but many of its core values remain the same. It’s important to find a team which has strong knowledge of past and present SEO techniques, with the nouse to know what no longer works and what is now the most efficient and current standard. Knowing what will cause your online presence harm is just as important as knowing the techniques that will make it thrive.

Their own SEO presence

Whilst it’s not a be-all-and-end-all of finding the right SEO expert for you, it is a strong indication of the skill set and achievements of the team or company in question. It’s always worth doing your research on their Google rankings and seeing if they can put their money where their mouth is!

Portfolio and Case Studies

A good provider of SEO will have built up a strong portfolio of clients and successful campaigns. Ask to see their history of work and do some supporting research on the companies they have worked with. This will give an excellent indication of their skillset as well as their experience.

Detailed SEO Audit

For starters, ask for an overall technical SEO audit of your website. Many SEO companies will give you a free report or competitor analysis (we do!) and it will not only give you an indication of the current SEO state of your website, but it will also speak volumes for the SEO company in question, as the very first step to improving your online presence is fixing any issues you may have and knowing your online competitors.