SEO & How It Affects Your Bottom Line

SEO & How It Affects Your Bottom Line

It’s not entirely implausible to run a business without having a search engine optimisation strategy in place. However, completely ignoring SEO in 2018 will certainly have an effect on sales, revenue and growing your customer base. You may have already heard the most common objections when it comes to SEO: it takes too long to bear any fruit, it’s an unpredictable form of marketing and Pay Per Click is better. However these are quite the misconceptions! Anyone who is really familiar with SEO knows that it is highly measurable and that it can produce far better value for money than the likes of PPC and social media advertising.

To put it simply, a quality SEO strategy will attract qualified traffic to your site, and more qualified traffic makes for more enquiries and more sales. Putting good content in front of your customers that meets their requirements increases conversion rate. So entirely ignoring SEO as a business will result in missing out on that part of the market. It’s really not rocket science, but lets take a look in a little bit more detail at how dismissing SEO could affect your business revenue…

Pure PPC and no SEO

It’s an age old debate in the online marketing world, but it’s one that is difficult to settle definitively. There are just too many variables in place, and the two forms of advertising are often completely different in their goals.

For example, a website that using organic SEO may be targeting keywords for searchers at different stages of the sales funnel, such as providing educational material or product information. More often than not, a PPC ad will lead users directly to a sales page. Typically, Pay-Per-Click casts a very narrow net, mainly targeting those who are ultimately about to make a purchase. Organic SEO, on the other hand, attempts to broaden the target audience, by way of semantic keywords and phrases, to capture potential customers who may be at the very beginning of their buying process, to those who are at the end.

Whilst we’re talking keywords…

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Being Unprepared for Google Algorithm Updates

In August of 2018 Google updated its core algorithm. The “Medic” update, as it was called, had a huge impact on traffic for websites particularly in the health and wellness industry. Many businesses claimed that the algorithm change had gone as far as to completely ruin their online business.

Trying to foresee Google algorithm changes and how that is going to affect your rankings is near impossible. However, keeping to SEO best practices and being aware of Google updates in general will certainly mitigate any risk as opposed to not paying any attention whatsoever. Using the Medic update as an example, the majority of websites that were hit the worst were those that were lacking authority, trust and quality content. As part of a good SEO strategy, focus is places on building quality content and building an authoritative, trustworthy source of information, all of which tend to please Google’s algorithms.

Poor Re-Designs and Website Changes

Even in 2018, many businesses opt to appoint a web design agency with very little SEO knowledge to resign their websites. Should SEO Experts Be Involved In Your Website Planning? Absolutely! Unfortunately, what may look pretty, doesn’t often keep Google happy without some serious input from a search engine optimisation specialist. Completely redesigning your website without taking SEO into consideration is just asking to drop from the SERPs, resulting in a loss of online income streams!

Trust and Credibility

There’s no doubt that there is a correlation between organic traffic and online sales, but if you ignore SEO you’re also missing out on a heap of other benefits that come with it. It is quite well known that PPC ads have somewhat of a stigma surrounding them, in that people place more trust and confidence in an organic listing than that of a paid ad. By dominating Google’s search results pages for search phrases relevant to your industry, you are portraying your business as an authority and an expert in the field.

However, if you give SEO a pass and your website hardly appears in organic listings, it may give off a bad impression to potential customers, whether online or not.

To Summarise

Running a business without search engine optimisation is possible, and some business may even be successful with this strategy. However, by ignoring SEO completely, you’re not only restricting the level of income you can generate, but you’re affecting your PR and credibility and leaving the online marketplace open for your competitors to take advantage of. A solid SEO plan will not only mitigate the loss of sales, but raise your digital profile and give your business the best possible chance of being as successful as it can be!

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