Should SEO Experts Be Involved In Your Website Planning?

Should SEO Experts Be Involved In Your Website Planning?

Whether you are looking to give your current website a redesign, putting together a new marketing campaign for the year or generally planning the business’ online goals moving forward, there is a key figure  that should be given a seat at the table, one that is often overlooked but at the same time essential: Your SEO Expert. SEO Experts are exactly that; experts in their field and their knowledge will have a big impact on the success of your “new” website.

See below for 5 different ways your SEO expert can have a positive input on your new website project:

  • 1) Your website will be designed with best SEO practice in mind

It’s your designer’s job to ensure your website looks the best it can be, with the smoothest user experience possible, but your SEO expert will ensure your site communicates with search engines correctly and is effectively optimised. By working with your designer, your SEO expert can offer insight into best SEO practice, ensuring your website isn’t just a pretty shop front that is never seen by anyone!

  • 2) Your content will be used as effectively as it can be

Your SEO expert and your content managers should work closely to utilise content opportunities as best as possible. Having the right content, which is optimised for SEO and SEM, can do wonders for your visibility, traffic and, of course, capturing those most-important new customers.  With input from your SEO expert, your new website can have relevant subject matter and consistent content updates dispersed across the correct channels.

  • 3) Your updates will be correctly optimised

It is important your SEO expert is involved in any major updates to the structure and content of your website. The internal flow of your pages and the metadata contained on each of them have an effect on how search engines analyse your website, and your SEO Expert will have the knowledge of how to inspect these and ultimately make content changes in order to optimise them correctly.

If you are having a major structural change, it is vital that any existing indexed pages are also utilised; for example the use of 301 redirects to essentially direct both search engines and potential customers to the correct page on your new website, if the URL has changed completely, therefore not directing your traffic into broken pages as well as maintaining as much SEO “juice” as possible.

  • 4) Off-Page content will be utilised

The visibility of your brand can be maximised using platforms that are away from your website, such as videos, discussions and more. Your SEO Expert will be able to identify the best channels and platforms to use in order to distribute your content and create maximum exposure for your brand.

  • 5) Important new SEO initiatives will be implemented

If your website is undergoing an overhaul, it would be the best possible time to implement certain SEO initiatives, such as adding HTTPS and schema mark-up. Your SEO expert will be able to put these into action and identify where new SEO tactics are best placed.