How SEO Has Changed In Recent Times

How SEO Has Changed In Recent Times

In this article we will look at some of the key fundamentals of SEO and how they have evolved and adapted in recent times – allowing you to stay up to date with the latest developments.

The Search Engine Algorithms

The now infamous Panda and Penguin upgrades used by Google, were specifically targeted at sites with low quality content, duplicate content, machine generated content and spammy backlinks. Many of these techniques aim to manipulate the search engines to improve organic rankings. But the algorithms used are targeting these techniques – quality content, backlinks and relevancy are more important than ever.

Mobile Rankings

Smartphones have completely revolutionised the way that people interact with content and search engines – and the influence is only going to get bigger and bigger. Mobile-optimised content is preferred by Google and other search engines for mobile devices and tablets, and desktop-orientated websites are being left behind.

Keyword Focus

Keywords have always been one of the most crucial factors in SEO. But now Google is combining the keywords into themes, allowing them to more accurately deduce the meaning, relevance, context and synonyms for search queries. The volume of keywords is now not as important as previous years.

Always remember to make your title tags are critical and particularly with local searches. Also H1 strategy is still important. Just make sure your content is high quality, relevant and follows the themes and topics of your site.

It is also important to note that meta tags (keywords) and meta descriptions no longer impact rankings.

How You Can Improve Your Organic Rankings With Search Engines

  • Have high quality backlinks – always remember quality over quantity
  • Ensure the anchor text is correctly optimised – or face a potential Google penalty
  • DON’T BUY BACKLINKS – this is a quick way to get penalised. Take time to generate legitimate backlinks that will help boost rankings.
  • Remove all duplicate pages from your site to ensure no duplicate content appears
  • Remove any broken links – these are not viewed favourably by search engines
  • Check your Robots.txt file, use an SEO crawler (such as Screaming Frog) to monitor blocked pages and other issues
  • Monitor the number of indexed pages on your site

We hope you have found these tips useful!