SEO 101 – A Guide for Startups

SEO 101 – A Guide for Startups

At Soar Online we have put together a list of the SEO 101 basics that your website needs to help drive traffic, increase ranking positions and help brand recognition.

Domain Reputation

The expiration date of your domain will have an impact on the ranking of your website. The date shows Google how long your site has been around and by extending the expiration date – it shows the search engines how long you are planning to stick around.

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate

Earlier this year Google announced that websites with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate would be awarded a higher ranking. Another key point to remember that if a website is taking personal information of the user, they must have an SSL Certificate. If not Chrome browser will alert the user that the site is not secured.

Fast Load Times

The Google Crawlers prefer to see websites with faster load times and higher Uptime. The load time all depends on the hosting equipment of your website, which can help deliver the website faster to users.

Try to select a hosting site with high bandwidth speed and up-to-date hardware. This will be a major benefit to your SEO and users.

Correctly Optimised Pages

On all of your website pages, no matter what the size, try to ensure that all text, images, CSS & HTML files are correctly optimised. Also keep the total size of you websites homepage to about (or less) 250kb.

Cache Enabled

If you website uses CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Magento – ensure that the cache is enabled. This will help will reduce requests going to your database and hosting’s CPU – allowing for faster load times on pages.

Google Analytics Tools

Once you have applied all of the above to your website, then you have to record the number of visitors and the daily traffic to your website. The Google Analytics Tool is an invaluable tool and it is also free. It will help you record and review all of the data that goes through your website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools from Google are also extremely important for your website. They provide all the information needed to the crawlers, notifying you of any urgent issues that could impact the reputation of your website.

Signing up for the free Google Webmaster Tool will speed up the process of your pages showing up on google results and also knowing where you are standing on results for every search enquiry by users.

Hopefully your website has passed the SEO 101, you can start to see the benefits in rankings and traffic.