Searching Google via Siri & the Importance of Voice Search

Searching Google via Siri & the Importance of Voice Search

A recent update to the Google app on iOS allows a line of communication with Siri via Apple’s Shortcuts app. This will give iPhone users the ability to use Siri to search Google via voice, and stresses the importance of optimising for voice search in organic SEO.

The Shortcuts app comes native installed on newer iPhone models, but is also free via the App store for those that don’t have it.

The neat thing about Shortcuts is that you can create custom voice commands. These custom voice commands are able to trigger certain apps and certain functions.

For example, thanks to the new update, Siri can communicate with the Google app and perform a search via the command “Hey Siri, Search Google for…”

This update comes as a breath of fresh air to those who weren’t entirely happy with the search results Siri offers by default.

The set up required is very little, so you can be up and running with Google search via Siri in a matter of minutes. Here’s how:

First, you need to ensure your Google app is updated to the latest version (If you have automatic updates turned on, there’s nothing to worry about)

You then need to navigate to the Shortcuts app (install it if you haven’t got it already) and tap on the ‘Create Shortcut’ button.

After tapping Create Shortcut, press the +Add Action button.

There will be a variety of actions available for you to choose. To save a little time, type “Google” into the search bar and then select the Google Search App.

Most apps will contain more than one action to perform. The Google Search app offers a single action – conducting a search with Google.

You can now customise the voice command by typing your preferred phrase into the text box. A good starting point would be ‘Search Google’. This means you would only have to say the ‘Hey Siri, Search Google’ command for it to work.

With Google search via Siri now becoming a simple task, we can’t stress enough how important it will be to optimise search results for voice. Gone are the days of raking in traffic even from positions 5 to 10 – with voice search becoming more and more accessible, positions 1-3 (in some cases only position zero!) will soon become the real target and the only real way of generating worthwhile traffic.

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