Outreach Link Building – The Ultimate Tip

Outreach Link Building – The Ultimate Tip

Link building is a vital part of a successful organic SEO campaign, and can quite often be the most difficult and time consuming when done correctly.

Automation and mass-production of backlinks is a big no-no, and so a popular white-hat method for building links is to simply request them from relevant sites – this method is known as ‘outreach’.

Link building outreach generally consists of a polite and well-constructed email to other site-owners, usually offering them a piece of quality content to post on their site with a link back to your website included.

It’s a popular and effective method, but sometimes it takes far too many emails to see a return on your efforts. That’s where this amazingly simple yet powerful tip comes in to play.  By altering your outreach approach, you can drastically increase conversions and thus help your overall link building campaign.

How to improve link building success

Typically, an outreach approach would contain only one website that your want to promote, right? But what happens when you also include or recommend other similar (and notably more popular) websites?

Let’s say you’ve written an awesome piece of content for a fitness instructor website, and want to gain some backlinks to this project. Instead of simply approaching other webmasters with your piece of content and a single link, why not include a range of other, popular websites they can also include? These shouldn’t be competitor sites, but sites that are in the same niche – perhaps name brand fitness equipment or supplements that are going to be instantly recognisable.

Chances are, the people you’re approaching have never heard of your website, and are therefore more reluctant to cooperate as it requires more effort to investigate what the website is about.

However, by including other recognisable websites in your approach, your unknown website will instantly be identifiable – at least by theme.

By including your website among high-quality brands, there is also the likelihood that the recipient will assume by association that your website is of the same quality and are therefore more likely to agree to link to it.

Simply by putting your website in close proximity with well-liked sources of content you will increase the chances of your website being viewed more favourably.

With that being said, the key point here is that quality content is always going to be the deciding factor. Websites that have poor design, poor user experience and poor content won’t necessarily benefit from this tactic. When it comes down to it, links still have to be earned.

Ensure your website is deserving of backlinks before even attempting an outreach campaign. If you’ve already been using outreach to build links and aren’t seeing a very effective return, then try recommending some popular sites along with your own and see your success rate rocket.

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