How long should your blogs and posts be?

How long should your blogs and posts be?

Blog posts can form a key part of your SEO strategy but how long should they be, to have a real impact on your website?

For your blogs to rank with the search engines it has to be at 300 words in length, but the longer a post the easier it is for it to rank. However a longer post is harder to create and it can be difficult to make it readable or keep the reader engaged with your content.

Posts which contain more than a 1000 words have a chance to rank higher with Google than a post which only contains 300 words. They can also really help the growth of organic traffic to your website.

Why do longer blog posts rank better with search engines?

There are various reasons why posts and blogs with 1000 words or more rank better with search engines. One of the biggest factors is that if your content is lengthy Google has more chance to determine what you are writing about.

Therefore if your copy is properly optimized the keywords you wish to rank for, they will appear more often and hey presto no need for keyword stuffing. Chances are your keywords will appear in headings, links and pictures. Purely because of the length of the post.

Alongside this you are also likely to rank for a range of long-tail search terms relating to your main keyword. This means your blog or post will turn up in search results for a range of variations. This in turn grows the amount of organic traffic to your site.

Keeping your content fresh

But it isn’t easy creating content of such length and making it engaging to your audience.

If your posts are poorly written and structured readers are likely to click away from your website, people will not share them on social media platforms and they may not bother returning to your site to read anymore blogs.

The best way to avoid these kind of issues is to structure your content in a way that makes it easy to read and looks appealing to your readers. This can include putting an index at the beginning of oyur post, keep your paragraphs short and use subheadings and images to break up the text.

Combine this with clear, concise vocabulary and you have a post that will rank well with search engines but also keep your audience engaged to the very end.

But always remember the first rule of writing which is the quality of your post is of paramount importance.

If it’s a good blog which is only 500 words in length, don’t stretch it out for the sake of it. If you have a 1000 words or more worth of information then use it to the best of your abilities.