Why Your Link Building Campaign Isn’t Getting You Results…

Why Your Link Building Campaign Isn’t Getting You Results…

Link building is no easy task, but it can be a constant uphill battle if you don’t get your strategy and foundations right in the first instance. It really is quality over quantity in this case, so going out and getting masses of backlinks isn’t exactly the best practice.

By all means, link building isn’t the magic formula to having a successful website, but it certainly helps supplement a good organic SEO strategy, and if you’re going to put time into it, you want it to be right.

Here are 3 quick tips as to why your current link building strategy might not be as fruitful as you want it to be.

Targeting Uncrawled and Old Pages

There really is little point in getting a backlink on a page that is archived, outdated or unvisited. For the most part, these pages hold little to no authority and aren’t regularly crawled by Google.

Targeting pages and websites that are fresh is a far smarter strategy. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid pages that are more than 3 years old – you can easily spot this in the Google search results by looking at the publish date.

Targeting Pages With No Authority

Much like the above, fishing for pages that don’t have high page authority, trust flow or URL rating simply isn’t worth it. Use the tools that the likes of Moz and Ahefs provide to determine good targets for link building.

Targeting Irrelevant Pages

These days, content reigns supreme in most aspects of SEO, and link building is no exception. Once again, take the quality over quantity route, and target pages that have good quality content that is relevant to the topic of your own website / page. Try to avoid dropping links on ‘one-off’ blog posts where a website doesn’t usually generate content about your industry or topic.

Put some time into looking for pages and website that, overall, are more in line with your content.

To summarise

When looking at your link building strategy, you may want to put some real thought into the following:

  • The websites and pages you’re going to target
  • Your approach to earning backlinks
  • The quality of your own content and that of the target site

Even these quick tips and tweaks can make a big impact on your link building campaign for the better.