Keywords and Domain Names – The Benefits For SEO

Keywords and Domain Names – The Benefits For SEO

As the world of business becomes more and more competitive, making sure your search engine optimisation and online marketing campaigns is essential. You have to choose the right approach to get your website to the top of the search engines, so that people can easily find your website and services.

Google is constantly changing and developing its ranking algorithms, which makes it difficult to know what the right strategy is at any given time.

Over the years the importance of domain name keywords has also evolved with the search engine algorithms. While there are several benefits of having targeted keyword in your domain name, it isn’t as important as it once was, however if applied incorrectly it can have a negative impact on your rankings.

How did domain keywords used to rank with search engines?

In the early days of the of search engine optimisation having a keyword in the domain name was a very important factor with the algorithms. Once people had worked out the ranking factors and indicators, many sites were built purely to satisfy search engines rather than targeting human users. This saw long domain names where marketers tried to fit every relevant keyword into a domain name.

Google quickly realised that people were trying to play the system in order to reach the top of the search engines. They re-evaluated the algorithms, to put the emphasis on high-quality content targeted at users rather than the search engines. But keyword placement is still of great importance, but you have to be careful not to flood your site with keywords.

How can domain keywords can help your site?

Your keyword strategy is still an important role in helping your website move up the search engines. While it is not mandatory to have a keyword in your domain, it can still be of great benefit. One of the main benefits is the back links and the harbour used in those back links.

This can bring some amazing benefits for your search engine optimisation. Your targeted word is frequently used in back links which go to your website, this is a strong indication to the search engines that your website has something to do with that particular word.

The more your site does this, the stronger signals it sends to Google that your site is an authoritative source on a particular subject. But it is important to remember that using a keyword in a domain should still appear organically and in a way that promotes your brand. The once you fill the site with great content the rankings will improve.