The Importance Of An In-House SEO

The Importance Of An In-House SEO

SEO has evolved dramatically over recent years and covers a much larger spectrum than before, with influence on user experience, content marketing, design and development. It has become a requirement to have your business online if you want to fully utilise your market yet a lot of businesses continue to outsource their SEO projects as opposed to hiring an in-house specialist on a permanent basis. But is it worth it to hire a dedicated individual to manage your SEO?

SEO specialists, as mentioned continue to expand their skillset to lend aid in many different aspects of marketing; more importantly to achieve harmony between teams and departments in a business to fully maximise marketing potential. For example; an SEO can drive masses of traffic to a website, but that traffic isn’t of much use if they aren’t converted by a well-trained sales team!

In order to be effective, a Company needs to hire an experienced SEO who understands how online activity affects current company processes and can analyse the current online landscape relevant to the industry. Innovation is important; staying ahead of the crowd rather than catching up to trends. An in-house SEO expert should be able to integrate into company processes and ethics and better understand where the company is heading, and what it should be striving for. Any good SEO worth his salt will set you back circa £40,000 a year in wages, and many of them may only focus on SEO without expanding into other areas of online marketing.

An SEO agency may be a wiser choice for your marketing budget and, in fact, an effective strategy can be to have a dedicated in-house SEO coupled with an agency for the ultimate marketing dream-team! Your in-house SEO expert will be far better placed to brief an agency on strategy, realistic KPIs and company objectives. They will also have the knowledge to discuss technical limitations and assist with the execution of strategies. This alleviates the need for the agency to spend months researching before they even begin to put their project into practice.

To summarise, an in-house SEO expert is extremely effective; but only if you have the right candidate. They should be able to stay ahead of the curve, learn new technologies quickly and be versatile in the digital landscape.

It is important, therefore, that as a manager or business owner, you are educated in what to look for in a good candidate as well as how to monitor their successes once hired. After all, your revenue generated from online activity relies on your search positions and your search positions are reliant on your SEO expert. Simply put, your SEO expert will be responsible for how profitable and successful your online activity will be, so it is extremely important to be able to audit the results and effectiveness of their labour. For example, they may be generating more traffic to your website and thus more sales, but at the cost of a hefty PPC budget that could otherwise be spent on a specialist SEO agency that is better skilled to increase your organic rankings instead. At Soar Online we offer SEO training courses that cover a wide range of topics suitable for both in-house SEO analysts that need to brush up on their knowledge and business owners looking to “be in the know”.