How Search Console Can Provide Your Website With SEO Wins

How Search Console Can Provide Your Website With SEO Wins

Soar Online have look at how the Google Search Console can provide your website with quick SEO wins.

There are four crucial areas in the Google Search Console where you can find significant SEO wins, and all of them can make a huge difference to your optimisation and how you rank with the search engines.

Internal Crawl Errors

Crawlers are an invaluable tool for helping you identify and correct an errors. They also highlight areas where you can improve your website and any potential linking opportunities.

Crawlers are particularly useful if you have recently migrated a website or changed any URLs – remember that every error provides a new opportunity.

After searching and finding all errors, proactively going out and fixing them will be crucial to helping your website.

Internal Linking

Internal linking strategy is an essential part of SEO. You should focus on certain pages you want to perform well and make these your priority pages.

Have a look at the Google Search Console and check if your priority pages are already at the top of the results. If you discover your pages are not on the list, then you can start to create links to them and improve their presence with the search engines.

Internal links can also help improve click-through-rate, but be careful not to use footer links too often, as they can appear spammy to Google, which can harm CTR.

Data Highlighting

When adding a structured data mark-up to your site, schema mark-ups should always been your first choice – however data highlighting offers a fantastic alternative for your site. Data highlighting tools can teach Google about the structure of patterned data on your website.

When using a data highlighter consider the following:

  • What data do you want to highlight?
  • What makes your business stand out from the competition in your industry?

Using the data highlighter allows you to quickly tag the important data on your website.

Doing this will enable Google to present the data in an attractive manner on the SERPs. Data highlighting can provide your website with a higher CTR and an increased presence on the search engines – without all the hassle that can come with adding code etc. to your website.

Search Analytics Reports

Search Analytics Reports are a great ally for you to see how your site is performing. It can help you discover your top performing pages, as well as highlighting which pages are open to improvement.

The report also provides vital information on how your content is performing, click-through-rates and other data.

If you haven’t used the Search Analytics Reports here are some of the best ways to use this tool:

  • Check your click-through-rates (CTR)
  • Checking page rankings
  • Understanding your websites audience
  • Checking on the lasts trends
  • Applying data findings through other channels#


Hopefully this guide has shown you that you don’t need to have a massive in-depth knowledge of SEO to make some significant strides for your website – as long as you know how to use the tools provided by the Search Console.