Google AI’s Affect On The Financial Services Sector

Google AI’s Affect On The Financial Services Sector

Google’s advancing AI technology continues to improve search results, but it has had an impact on how financial services have to conduct their SEO strategies. According to research, financial brands must get even smarter with their SEO and can’t simply rely on widely-used content and search engine optimisation practices, but rather they must implement more industry-specific SEO strategies. This is because RankBrain means that Google can better understand user intent and serve more industry-specific and relevant content to its users.

It is suggested that financial service brands are under more pressure to adopt semantic SEO practices and avoid keyword chasing at all costs. Repeating keywords makes for unnatural content and Google will be far more likely to reward websites that offer user to understand, relevant content instead.

According to the research results, financial services websites tend to use far less imagery and navigational elements. This is to allow users to focus on the text content of the page and offers far less distractions when the user is looking to make an important decision. This also contributes to a fast page load time.

Linkedin is a great source of interaction and traffic for websites in the financial sector. According to research they have 70% more social signals from Linkedin, while only having a fifth as many Facebook interactions than the benchmark average. It’s safe to say that Linkedin is a potent channel for financial discussions.

In summary, the financial sector in particular is under pressure to adopt more organic SEO strategies based on rich, highly-relevant content. While there is no direct relation between Linkedin interaction and Google rankings, it’s also interesting to note that Linkedin is a popular platform for those involved in discussions surrounding the financial services sector and financial websites that currently rank highly are also very popular on this platform.