Four Ways to Strengthen Your SEO Strategy In 2017

Four Ways to Strengthen Your SEO Strategy In 2017

Keep your SEO strategy up-to-date with these four tips. As Google continues to make changes to its algorithm, search engine results pages, and policies based on user behaviour and preference – you have to make sure you are ready.

Diversify Traffic Sources

Distributing your content across a wide range of platforms, can help you earn traffic from a variety of different sources. Using this approach means that people are visiting your site without having to search for your brand name or products.

Video marketing is another powerful tool at your disposal. This multi-channel strategy allows them to generate traffic from different sources. In the same vein, written content can be published on blogs, LinkedIn Pulse, and Medium publications.

But always remember to tailor your content to your audience. Whether its Twitter, YouTube or a blog – make the content relevant and targeted at the user.

Evolve Your Keyword Targeting Strategy

Google is now an extremely competitive business, with competition at the top of the SERPs dominated by paid ads and websites. It is now harder than ever to get to the top of the Google’s rankings, which provides the highest clickthrough rates (33% of traffic goes to the top page).

The best solution to combat this is to target your keywords so your content is better geared toward the changing ways people are searching on Google. Use tools available such as Google AdWords to find out what search terms are being used in your specified area.

Link Building Strategy

Link building is one of the most critical aspects of your websites strategy. High-quality inbound links are an integral part of your marketing strategy, but it can take time for the full results to show.

Long-term link building strategies have high upfront costs and are slower to return on their investment, but they earn links while you sleep and don’t put you at risk of any ‘spammy’ behaviours.

The best way to see results is to publish high-quality content across websites and hoping that other websites link back to your site. Short-term fixes can show results more quickly, but these strategies can sometimes be viewed as spammy.

Increase Engagement With Your Content

RankBrain is Google’s new algorithm that helps them determine how users interact with the content on your website, this includes clickthrough rate and time on-page along with other factors.

To help your website with RankBrain consider the following:

  • Don’t just focus on individual keywords, think about the questions your audience is asking
  • Consider a redesign of your site so that it answers multiple queries and keeps the user on the page for longer
  • Remove any pop-up ads from your site
  • Publish relevant high-quality content, that is targeted at the audience

These simple steps can really help your SEO & Marketing Strategy in 2017.