Don’t Be Haunted By These SEO Techniques

Don’t Be Haunted By These SEO Techniques

With Halloween just around the corner, let’s not add extra ghouls and gremlins into the mix in the form of “what could have been”. Here are 5 SEO strategies that may come back to haunt you if you ignore them.

Schema Markup

Googles ultimate goal is to serve its users (its customers) with the best possible search results. This is achieved through the use of its algorithm and machine learning, which gives users the most relevant and user-friendly pages to their search query.

You can help Google understand your content by using schema markup code. Schema markup lets you define and organise your content and give Google a better indication as to the type and topic of it. It’s not really something that affects end-users, but is more for Google’s bots and (creepy) crawlers.


Google has begun showing warnings on websites that aren’t secured with HTTPS. Don’t spook your visitors with it! Google also gives a small ranking boost to sites that are HTTPS, so you really don’t want to miss that boat or you may find it coming back to haunt you later.

Voice Search

Google has stated that 20% of searches made via its mobile app and android devices are voice searches. Now, optimising for voice search is a whole different ball game and it could be a vital piece of the (pumpkin) pie that you’re missing out on. You may want to start looking at your content and tweaking it to be optimised for the way your customers are searching via their voice.


Only 43% of SEO profs always perform a site audit for their new clients. That really does give us a chill down our spines. By not performing a full audit, you’re practically walking into the dark without a torch! In order to fully understand the SEO project you are taking on, a site audit is vital, and you can achieve it quite easily with most major SEO tools on the market.


We know, most of you think that Google+ is as dead as a graveyard. But whilst it’s true that Google+ may not be the most popular platform, it is the platform that people are most satisfied with according to research.

Oh, and did we mention that every single post you make on Google+ has its own unique URL that can be indexed in search results? That’s right, by posting good quality, keyword rich content regularly on Google+, you can improve your rankings.