Content Distribution Is The Real King

Content Distribution Is The Real King

Many businesses focus on developing quality, original content and whilst this is a huge step in the right direction, what use is good content if nobody sees it? All of your resource has gone into putting content together, but there is a key step missing – the distribution. Let’s get your hard work seen by the masses!

The old school “80/20 rule” comes in to play quite effectively here; spend 20% of your time creating your content and 80% of your time distributing it to your audience. The web is becoming more and more saturated with content; practically anyone can write a blog and have it online within minutes, so it’s important to put resource into promoting, sharing and distributing your content effectively. But how?

Give yourself a detailed breakdown of the content you plan on creating by using a ‘content calendar’; take a step into the realm of content marketing as opposed to just “creating content”!

-It’s important to lay out what and when you are going to publish your content; the theme, title, date, keywords, whether it will be an infographic, a survey or an interview etc

-Determine the amount of time you’ll need to put into your content – give yourself a deadline

-Who is going to create the content? Yourself, a colleague or an external copywriter?

-Will you be linking to other sources? What URLs will you be including?

-What channels will you be distributing to? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin? What specific content will you be using on each of these channels as to not create duplicate content?

The list can go on and on, and you may find that you tailor your content calendar to your particular goals and projects; regardless, just by laying out specifics of your content strategy you are heading in the right direction. Use Google Docs, Manifesto or Hubspot (to name but a few) to create your content calendar and away you go.

When it comes to creating engagement, once your content is ready, there’s much more to do than just post it out on your company Facebook or Twitter page. There’s no sitting back and waiting in this game! Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in to the realms of content distribution.

A rather untapped resource in the grand scheme of things is Quora; a platform that is filled with questions and answers. If you find a question that relates perfectly to the topic of your content, post an answer with a link to your blog or page. Get involved in discussions, or post your own questions. is another resource, particularly useful for bloggers. It can take some time to build your audience, but it is worth it. Comment, post and share your own content along with other author’s posts and gradually build up your reach via their unique ‘karma’ system. If successful enough, you may find that Inbound post your article in their weekly newsletter as well.

A golden oldie, Email Marketing is still a very effective form of content distribution. Even if you simply place a link in your email signature to your latest piece of content, you’ll be encouraging people to read and share.

The list goes on and there are many articles and resources out there for further tips regarding content distribution. Just remember – creating the content is just the first step, delivering it to your intended audience is 80% of the work!