Own A Business? Here’s What You Should Know About Rankings

Own A Business? Here’s What You Should Know About Rankings

Getting your website to the top of the Google search engine is extremely competitive and either directly or indirectly your business will be paying to be visible.

Companies can pay anywhere up to £10 a click for AdWords ads (Pay Per Click). Or they pay specialists to create and optimise their content to help move pages up the rankings. Or they pay in terms of lost sales to competitors who are doing the first two.

In 2016 Google eliminated the paid listings showing up on the right hand side of a page when users were searching. The paid ads now occupy the top and bottom of the page, taking up roughly six spaces – meaning the organic pages and sites are being squeezed out.

Given the intense competition to appear in Google search, nobody ranks highly for free.

In short it is becoming harder and harder to organically get your page visible on the first page of Google. There is no set formula for optimising your page for Google in terms of keywords, density, placement, links etc. There are recommended practices but no set guidelines.

When deciding which pages to rank highly for search, Google uses multiple sets of rules, or algorithms. One of those algorithms is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), which mimics the human mind to find patterns and meanings in web pages.

This system is extremely hard to try and manipulate, as it quickly works out that a user is stuffing a page with certain words. Once this is detected it is almost certainly met with a penalty.

Creating original, relevant, high-quality content. Always remember this.

Links are also massively important, it is no longer safe to buy backlinks in bulk. This again will be met with a severe penalty by Google, which could have massive implications. Take the time to create good, high-quality links to your site.

As mentioned it is becoming harder to get into the upper echelons of Google, but the rewards are there for all to see. As a business owner you have to decide which way you go about it.