An Agencies Guide to SEO Resellers

An Agencies Guide to SEO Resellers

Imagine a client asks you for SEO services. You accept because you don’t want to lose the business relationship with the client – but where do you go from here without the proper expertise? Well one of the best options would be to come to a SEO reseller.

What are SEO Resellers?

To put it simply an SEO reseller is an agency that specialises in SEO, providing those specialist services to other agencies for example design, development and marketing agencies.

These are usually teams of experts with a vast knowledge base, with a reputation of delivering high quality SEO and results.

SEO resellers typically have extensive relationships with publishers, editors and writers to get high-quality backlinks at scale. They usually have a team of copywriters to help you craft content – a key component of SEO.

To summarise SEO resellers can be a valuable tool for helping deliver high-quality SEO – without having to hire in-house staff at a longer term cost.

The Benefits of SEO Resellers

1 – In-House SEO can be expensive

SEO is one of the most expensive aspects of business, especially if you want it done correctly and to a high-standard. But outsourcing your SEO can be cheaper in the long-term if you use an agency.

A study has shown that the average SEO expert will cost much less per-hour than hiring an in-house expert.

Bringing in a SEO expert who is fully-trained and up to date with all aspects of SEO, will prove to be much more expensive than using a high-quality agency who need no training and can get straight to work on your website.

2 – SEO is a critical aspect of modern business

A study has shown that in 2016, 42% of businesses looked to increase their SEO budget, realising that it is critical to marketing in the modern world.

SEO is particularly in-demand because it benefits businesses in both B2B and B2C markets. A survey by Ascend2 found that SEO ranked as the second most effective B2C marketing tactic (next only to email marketing).

Little wonder that SEO-related spending is poised to grow to $80Bn by 2020.

It seems pretty obvious that if you want your business to be successful, than having high-quality SEO services is essential.

3 – SEO is becoming increasingly complicated

SEO is ever changing and constantly developing animal. The algorithms that Google uses to determine have changed significantly from the days of purely relying on anchor text and backlinks and now it is one of the most complex pieces of code on the planet with roughly 2 billion lines of code.

These constant evolvements means that it is harder than ever for SEO’s to keep on top of Google – they have to keep track of Google’s algorithm changes, find link profitable building opportunities, develop online relationships and churn out high-quality content consistently.

Alongside this you have to take into account ‘local searches’ one of the most competitive fields of SEO.

SEO resellers make it possible for you to offer SEO services without making expensive hires to throwing away money on freelancers.

4 – No need to buy expensive SEO tools

SEO tools are not cheap, and companies can spend upwards of £1,000 per year on valuable SEO tools – that’s before you consider hiring someone who knows how to use these tools effectively.

Using an SEO reseller eliminates the need for using these tools.

5 – SEO Agencies offer on the spot & niche services

SEO resellers, on the other hand, operate on an “on-demand” model. There are usually no subscription plans or contracts; you pay for what you need, when you need it.

Alongside this you have to consider what happens if a client asks for a niche product you’re have no experience using such as E-commerce? SEO resellers work across a range of websites, services and products meaning they can produce high quality work across a range of niches.

Lower overheads and higher profits.


Finding the right SEO reseller can be difficult, but the benefits could be extremely valuable to your business.