5 SEO Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2017

5 SEO Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2017

Being trendy isn’t all about wearing the best shoes or where you get your mochafrappelattechino from. The web is constantly changing and updating so it is a must that SEO adapts accordingly to keep up. Here is a quick outline of some important SEO trends to jump on board for in 2017, that you can count on one hand:

  1. More Rich Snippets in SERPs

The presence of rich snippets in Google results has become more and more apparent over recent years, and this is likely to increase even further in 2017. According to research, the amount of rich snippets has already doubled over the past two years. Use schema code to increase the chances of your website being featured as a rich answer in SERPs.

  1. Optimise User Intention

Keywords will always be relevant, but brands will need to base strategies around intent as well. Making sure you know your target search queries and phrases rather than single keyword focus is important. Make sure to keep a keen eye on market trends and analytics.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) / Mobile Marketing

Optimising for mobile has really shook up SEO in the past few years. Recent research shows that nearly 50% of web traffic is on mobile devices, and Google has announced that websites optimised for mobile do have an edge when it comes to indexing. It is safe to say that mobile optimisation could well become mandatory in 2017.

  1. Cross Channel Marketing

Restraining your brand to a single platform is SEO suicide in 2017! Widen your demographic and reach by using the array of platforms and devices available to you and create a prominent presence for your brand.

  1. Voice Search Algorithms

The use of Google voice search is increasing in popularity and can be considered as the fastest way to search. Whilst there still may be some tweaking to be done with regard to the accuracy of the technology, you can expect that the popularity will only grow in 2017; the error rate for voice recognition searches has dropped from 25% to 8% already.

Keeping Up With The Trend

It is important to keep an eye on the ever-changing trends of the web and SEO and we’re here to help. Keep an eye on our blog for weekly tips, news and more from SEO to online marketing and a little bit in between!