Top 4 Online Marketing Nightmares (And How To Avoid Them)

Top 4 Online Marketing Nightmares (And How To Avoid Them)

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with our quick checklist of the top 4 online marketing nightmares and how you can do your best to avoid them.

  1. I forgot to renew my domain!

Purchasing a domain these days is so fast and simple; it’s easy to let them slip out of your mind, and there are many ways you can overlook the renewal date of your domain. Perhaps your credit card has expired or the employee responsible for renewing your domains has since left the business; it could even be a case of the notifications from your registrar landing in your spam box.

Ensure you don’t lose your important online real-estate and keep a close eye on the renewal dates of your domains. The maximum amount of time you can purchase a domain for is 10 years, and you can set up an auto-renewal. This doesn’t completely secure your domain forever, but it certainly increases your chances of keeping hold of it for as long as required. Some registrars also offer SMS reminders 7 days prior to the expiration date and many offer a grace period during which you can get your domain back (Godaddy for example offers 20 days).

  1. My rankings have dropped!

Losing your Google rankings can be a real nightmare, and gone are the days of Google update announcements and notifications within your Webmaster Tools account. It is important to keep a keen eye on your traffic and rankings on a continuous basis and act accordingly. You don’t want to discover your drop in ranks a month or so down the line when it will be an uphill battle to regain them.

  1. My website is down!

Directing your customers to a broken or inactive website is a recipe for disaster, particularly during peak times and seasons. All websites have downtime at some point or another, even the biggest, but it is important to know when, why and for how long your website has been down.

Some of the biggest and most popular hosting providers have poor uptime statistics and if your website is hosted with them, you may not even know that your site has been down more times than you think.

Set up custom alerts inside your Google Analytics account so that you can receive email alerts whenever Google Analytics fails to record any visits. If it is occurring frequently, it may be time to think about moving to a more reliable hosting provider.

  1. People have been saying bad things about my brand!

Monitoring your brand name mentions and acting upon negative reviews and comments is an important, but often-overlooked, part of online marketing strategy. Don’t stick your head in the sand when someone has a bad word to say about your brand or services, and certainly don’t just delete the comment! It can be difficult to please every single customer you have, but online public apologies can turn an angry customer into a brand advocate, or at the very least show to any other potential customers that you are willing to take their feedback on board and act upon it.