Reasons You Could Be Failing With Google AdWords

Reasons You Could Be Failing With Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most important marketing tools available to your business but it can be difficult and frustrating for inexperienced users – which can lead people to quit. We have put together a list of problems that could be holding you back in your Google AdWords campaign.

Short Tail Focus

This is one of the big reasons people become frustrated with Google AdWords. Marketers focus on the short-tail keywords, even though they aren’t the most profitable or efficient for the campaign.

People are drawn to the “high cost and risk” and “low probability of conversion” keywords. These can broad keywords, such as “men’s shoes.” Whereas they should be targeting “low cost and risk” and “high probability of conversion” keywords. These keywords focus more on descriptive phrases. This is what we call long-tailed keywords, like “red Nike men’s running shoes.”

The longer-tail keywords are much more descriptive and narrowly defined, they are less competitive and can be more suited to your audience.

Landing Pages Are Not Converting

The goal of AdWords is to convert the user who clicks through to your landing page into a customer. But at times the landing pages can be packed with too much information, no clear calls to action, no clear information – all of these factors can give the users the chance to leave the page.

Make sure your landing page has a clear message, provides a product that the customer wants to buy.

No Clear AdWords Strategy

The temptation of AdWords is to just jump straight in and buy keywords regardless of their relevance or value.

It is imperative that you conduct thorough research on keywords and what people are searching for before you even think about launching your campaign. Have a clear plan of what products, services you want to focus on and which keywords are going to be most effective to help you convert the clicks into customers.

Always have a plan.

No Optimisation of Account

Making sure that your AdWords account is optimised correctly is something a lot of marketers fail to do. There are several bidding strategies, AdWords techniques & strategies which can help you save money and create a more effective campaign.

For instance, if you have an e-commerce site, and you are not optimizing the product feed data for Google Shopping (titles and descriptions) in your product feed, you are very behind.

Not Keeping Up With Competitors

It is no secret that if you do not keep up with your competitors they can gain traction on your campaign with superior product offerings, price decreases and value propositions. If they do these things your AdWords conversion can decrease.

But this doesn’t mean that AdWords isn’t working. Make sure that you are constantly making checks on your competitors and how they are using their campaigns, staying ahead of the game will help you reap the rewards of AdWords.