Google AdWords Gets a Facelift

Google AdWords Gets a Facelift

Google has confirmed that the brand new interface for AdWords is available for all advertisers and boasts upgraded visuals, improved speed and even more tools for management. Whilst not necessarily brand new, as the update begun rolling out from August of last year, the roll-out had continued right up until the present.

Exclusive features to the new interface include the new promotion extension, household income targeting and audiences page. You can take a good look at all of the new features and the interface itself through Google’s handy guided tour, to make sure you’re completely clued up on the new tools at your fingertips.

One particularly powerful addition is the devices card view, which allows you to see how your campaigns are performing across various different devices with ease. This of course is vital information considering the increasing focus on mobile optimised content from Google and the interface allows you to go straight through to adjusting your bids per-device.

There are plenty more streamlined actions and new functions that have been added, and our best advice is that you dive right in and try them out for yourself to see how they fit with your own workflow. One thing is clear though, it is certainly a big step in the right direction, but lets be honest, Google knows user experience like the back of their hand (does Google even have hands?).

It is possible, at least for now, to toggle between the new and old UI, which is comforting to know considering there are still a few features that are yet to be rolled out to the new interface. You may well find yourself still using the “old” UI for some time before extensively working with the new interface whilst Google builds on its updates, but it’s certainly worth a test drive in the interim as there are plenty of time-saving new additions that are readily available.