Email Marketing Plus Seo – A Winning Combination?

Email Marketing Plus Seo – A Winning Combination?

We don’t have to preach about the importance of SEO, as it’s in every online marketer’s sight. Email marketing, on the other hand, is often seen as an old and defunct technique that modern marketers tend to shy away from. But is email marketing really dead? In a nutshell: no.

In fact, when used in conjunction with a strong organic SEO campaign, email marketing can be very helpful and can have huge benefits to your SEO. It may seem like an odd combination, but we’re here to show you how:

  1. Re-purpose your Newsletter Content

The typical newsletter serves latest blog posts and also the occasional service, product or special promotion. Users are often tempted into signing up to newsletters because they allegedly offer ‘exclusive’ content, but this is rarely the case. Your first step should be to truly offer something exclusive in your newsletter if that’s what you have guaranteed.

You should also look to re-purpose your newsletter content for future blog posts, infographics or reports in order to offer great new content for Google as well as giving users who haven’t signed up to your newsletter a chance to see the content – but be sure to make it clear that the content was originally sent to subscribers of your newsletter and that by seeing it on your blog or page they are receiving the information later than they usually would. You should also make it clear that not all newsletter content is re-purposed, in order to entice signups.

  • It may encourage certain bystanders to sign up to your list
  • It will also show that you care about giving your subscribers good quality and exclusive content
  1. Ask for reviews via email

Typically, you won’t get many reviews without asking for them in one way or another. Reviews are great for supplementing SEO and user experience, as its user generated content as well as a conversion technique. By giving a good incentive for customers to write reviews, and contacting them via email to do so, you can bolster your on-page SEO and local business listing whilst also promoting your products / services. What’s even better, is that reviews will often uncover aspects in your services or products that need improvement.

  1. Personalise content sent to your email list

Studies have shown that 77 percent of business professionals like receiving personalised content. Personalisation can be achieved in a variety of ways when it comes to your newsletters and emails, but how does this benefit SEO? Well a powerful way is to create a survey and ask what your subscribers want to receive or see more of. Surveys can help you segment your subscribers according to the type(s) of content topics they want to receive in their newsletter.

This ensures your subscribers are receiving only the most relevant and focused content. Not only this, but when you send personalised, relevant content to your email list, they’re more likely to share and link to it, which is a huge SEO benefit. Personalisation can directly and indirectly help your content rank better in Google and other search engines.