Are your competitors outperforming you? How to find out…

Are your competitors outperforming you? How to find out…

Here at Soar Online we believe that one of the key aspects to your online success is knowing how you perform against your competitors. This can be vital when deciding on PPC budgets/bids, your audience, your social media campaigns and much more.

In 2017 we are living in an ever-expanding digital world, anything that happens online can be seen and monitored. Whether it’s a PPC campaign, a Facebook post or a website you visit using the correct tools you can find information about a company – this is also known as a ‘digital footprint’. This can be a scary concept, your companies online data can be found at any time by any one (within reason), but you can use this to your advantage.

We can offer you a FREE competitor ranking report. Within this document we can provide you with the following information about your competition:

  • Number of visitors they get to their website
  • PPC campaign budgets & how much they spend with Google
  • Number Social Media followers
  • Engagement rate on Social Media (how they engage with their customers and top-performing posts)
  • Top performing landing pages – which of their pages produces the most traffic
  • Targeted key words for SEO/PPC
  • Number of back links (and where they are coming from)
  • Software used – how their website was built and what software they use to track their visitors
  • Website hosting information
  • And much more!

One of our clients said: “I was honestly astounded when I received my ranking report from Soar. I knew you could find out certain information online but the information I received was expansive and detailed. I now have a huge advantage over my competitors and I feel much more prepared for the remainder of 2017!”

If you want to know exactly how you rank against your competitors you can get a FREE report.