How are you Measuring Up to your Competitors?

How are you Measuring Up to your Competitors?

Take the Guess Work Out of it Analyse Your Competitors Website Traffic Today

Whether it is ‘work’ or on a ‘personal’ level, we all want to be first in everything we do right?

Business is no different, we all want to be more successful than others in our industry; we all want to earn as much money as possible; make more sales, be seen as an authority in our field…we all want to be highest on the search engines!

Being higher than your competitors on search results pages may have more impact and significance that you think. Whether you are selling online or competing for business offline, it matters not. It is a simple fact that most potential customers or clients will turn to the internet to either buy from you or check for reviews & testimonials when researching your business. It may be a simple as a client or customer looking for a telephone number! Whatever the reason YOUR customers or clients are online and this means that unless you are more visible than your competitors you are at risk.

Who wants their customers engaging with their competitors, right?

So if whether you are looking for more sales or customers online or whether you are looking to retain your client/customer base, being more visible that your competition is not important it is VITAL.

So who are your real competitors? You may be surprised. Your online competitors maybe taking more business from you than you think. Local businesses may seem a threat to your local customers or clients but what impact do national companies have?


So whatever business you are in, whatever industry it is vital to know who your competitors are and to gain as much information about them as possible. This includes online. You may not know that it is possible with the right tools, to find out who your industry leading businesses are online and gather some really interesting and informative statistics about their online business.Information such as:

  • How may website visitors are going to their website monthly.
  • Where does this website traffic come from
  • What other websites link to their website.
  • How many keywords they rank for
  • What website pages generate their traffic.
  • What adverts they may be running and where they are advertising
  • How much they pay for Google Adwords traffic.
  • How much business YOU are losing out on.

Try Our Free Competitor Analysis Tool- this will answer the above questions for you and compare the results with your own website traffic.

Don’t close your eyes to this information; it is vitally important to your businesses future online. It is offered to you as a FREE report – Why? Because we believe that with this knowledge, with the ‘full picture’ to hand you will be able to make better and more informed decisions about your businesses online presence. (And hopefully you will choose Soar Online as your preferred digital partner!)