PPC Trends to Watch In The New Year

PPC Trends to Watch In The New Year

Firstly, we’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our readers from everyone here at Soar Online!

With the New Year comes the opportunity to refresh our strategies and focus on new areas, particularly the new trends in PPC that are likely to develop throughout the coming months. Lets take a look at some of our predictions for 2018 that you may not have thought about.

The Increasing Importance of Structured Data

Structured data has become more and more important already in 2017, and we can see this importance only increasing throughout the year, particularly with the roll-out of the mobile first index looming. We may even see Google using structured data markup to dynamically populate ads. If you haven’t already started implementing schema markup into your website, we highly recommend you taking a look at how it could work for you and be prepared for the upcoming trend.

Visual & Voice Search

Visual and voice search are on the rise, particularly voice with the introduction of many different smart home speakers. Visual search is also progressing through the likes of Pinterest Lens and Google Lens. No doubt throughout the holiday season more and more users have acquired the likes of Amazon’s Echo or Google Home devices and will be looking to put voice search to the test.  Whilst both of these technologies are still progressing and we’re unlikely to see a huge shift in popularity, it will still be important to keep a keen eye on how the search habits progress throughout the year, particularly if the investment in time will give you an edge over competitors.

Change of Workflow

Artificial Intelligence will be having a big impact on how PPC managers will work, particularly when it comes to daily tactical tasks, with the implementation of more automated functions. In 2017 we saw the introduction of ad rotation, ad creation and bid optimisation so we can only suspect that 2018 will usher in further AI enhanced functions.

With the new AdWords interface being rolled out, there have been mixed signals from search marketers. Whilst Google has boasted its new speed and efficiency, a lot of PPC managers have noted that the new interface is actually slower and has been crashing on a regular basis. Some have also reported that custom views and templates have not been carried over to the new interface, resulting in a loss of work and time. It’s safe to say either way that it will take some getting used to the new interface.