How to Utilise Retargeting Ads to Bring Back Customers

How to Utilise Retargeting Ads to Bring Back Customers

A high percentage of visitors to your website likely aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. But with correct use of retargeting ads, you can aid in getting them ready to place an order and convince them that you’re the right company to choose when they’re ready.

It can be quite frustrating, monitoring the traffic to your website only to notice that a large percentage of your visitors leave without making a purchase. It may seem like a quick fix to place a few more ads in front of them with the hopes of making a conversion; however it can be just as frustrating for the user to be hit with poorly timed retargeting ads.

There are many reasons why your visitors may have left before making a purchase that depend on your business, website, ads and products. For the most part however, there are 3 main issues to address:

  1. Unresolved Concerns

One of the most common reasons for your potential customers to leave your website without making a purchase is because they have an unresolved concern. This could be due to the price, ‘feel good factor’ or security of your website or perhaps they feel like it would take too much time to sign up. If a high volume of your potential customers are hesitating to make a purchase because of an unresolved concern it could be useful to use a clever retargeting ad to give them confidence in your website and that ‘feel good factor’.

  1. They think they can find a better deal elsewhere

It’s not rocket science that users will be comparing prices from multiple website before they make a purchase. Unless your product is entirely niche and exclusive to you, you have competitor website out there. An excellent way around this is to offer a discount code or offer in your retargeting ad to entice users back.

  1. They have multiple requirements

Sometimes a user wants to have an ‘all in one’ buying experience. For example, they may be purchasing a mobile phone, but they also want the accessories to go with it and they only want to purchase them all in a single transaction, from the same store. You may sell all of the things they require, but perhaps they haven’t realised that.

A smart retargeting ad that outlines products and accessories or relevant services simultaneously is a good place to start and may well make the difference.

In conclusion, it’s important to research your customers’ needs and create effective retargeting ads based on what they may be looking for. It’s not quite as simple as repeating the same message over and over, particularly if they have already seen the message on your website the first time around!