Top 3 Tips for Creating Amazing Content

Top 3 Tips for Creating Amazing Content

Top 3 Tips for Creating Amazing Content

Providing valuable, quality content is arguably the most important aspect of SEO and online marketing. With great content, all of your other tasks will be far easier.

Attracting and keeping your potential customers, distributing content to third parties or quality backlinks, and pleasing Google’s algorithms and quality assessors – life is easier when your content is useful and informative.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some guidelines for making sure your content is valuable and far more likely to be read, digested and shared by your audience.

  1. Set our your goals

You should never just be producing content for content sake. Every article, page or other piece of content should be created to advance your overall marketing strategy, not just because you want to fill a quota of xyz blog posts per week.

Creating content on a whim, even if there is some big news that has just been announced, won’t help you if it’s not related to the keywords you’re trying to rank for or your overall content plan.

It can also annoy your audience if you throw up a piece of content that is completely unrelated to what they are interested in or subscribed to.

  1. SEO Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content refers to the most important pieces of content that you will create. These are the pages or articles you want to have ranking as high as possible in SERPs.

The more time and effort you put into these high-quality pieces of content, the more you can expect to get in return.

  • To get the most growth out of your SEO cornerstone content, you write each article or page around a keyword that could produce a high volume of traffic
  • If you create multiple pieces of content that cover difference aspects of the same topic, choose the best one to become your cornerstone. Update the post to make sure it’s as in-depth and of the highest quality possible, then create internal links to that post from all related posts.
  • Content that is particularly effective as cornerstone content:
    • Ultimate / top tip guides
    • Overviews and explanations of topics
    • In-depth how-to posts
  1. Content for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness content is used effectively by many bloggers and marketers. This type of content makes sure your audience can get to know and trust your brand.

Brand awareness content is less about being a source of information and more about being interesting and entertaining to our audience.

Keep the content honest, authentic and try to tell a story that your audience can follow. Good types of content for brand awareness include:

  • Seasonal content
  • Fun videos and infographics
  • Updates about your team (behind the scenes, team profiles, team events etc)
  • Success stories

Brand awareness content is a great opportunity to give your business a personality and a reason for your audience to want to keep following you and your content. The bonus is that it can be fun to create and is generally quite easy.

Useful Content Is Strategically Planned and well-researched

In order to expect your audience to give up their valuable time to read your content, you too have to invest your time and effort into crafting content that is valuable and informative. This includes putting in thorough research to find relevant topics and the best times to deliver your articles.

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