Security Issues You Could Encounter When Using Shared Hosting

Security Issues You Could Encounter When Using Shared Hosting

When setting up your website there are several different types of web hosting service you can choose to use, but one of the most popular services is shared hosting.

Most businesses who are setting up websites usually go for a shared web hosting service as it can be easier to use. But there is a downside to this; as your website is sharing the same server and IP address as other websites you could face serious security issues which may have an adverse effect your website and your business.

Despite the fact your website will have a separate domain and different content, the fact that it is on a shared server basically links to all the other sites on that server. Depending on the hardware used by the server, a shared hosting service can host thousands of websites.

If you are looking to add your businesses website to a shared server you should consider the following:

Attacks From Hackers

If another website on a shared server is attacked by hackers, then your website could also be affected, if the security breach is serious enough. Also if your website is hacked it could have an impact on neighbouring websites on the server.

IP Address Sharing

If you choose to use a shared website hosting service, then you will be sharing the same IP address as the other websites on the server. While this is quite common, it is important to remember that if website contains ‘adult content’ or ‘spam’ then you can be associated with it and it can effect rankings.

Also if another website on the server is blacklisted, then anyone who shares that IP address will also get blacklisted, including your businesses website. So if you are planning on sending emails from the server and it has already been blacklisted because another website has been ‘spamming’ then this could have a negative impact on any email campaigns you plan to run.

Sharing CPU and Memory Resources

On a shared web hosting server you and other websites will be sharing CPU and memory. As CPU and RAM share resources, you will be provided with a guaranteed amount of disk space. It is possible that one of the other websites on the server utilises more than their fair share and it can adversely affect you and other users.

VPS Hosting Provides A Cost Effective Solution For Web Hosting

One of the best alternatives to shared hosting services, is a Linux VPS hosting service. Also known as virtual dedicated server hosting, VPS divides server resources into individual virtual servers, rather than having each site shared on one server.

This allows resources to be allocated in a way that does not directly exhibit the underlying server hardware.

Always take time to research any shared website hosting services you will be looking to use, as you could be at risk even if your website is doing everything right!