Quick How To: FAQ

Quick How To: FAQ

Being able to answer the questions of your target market, be it in an FAQ format or throughout your overall content, is only getting more and more important as Google continues to hone its service; offering its users fast, accurate and quality information based on their queries.

Since updating their algorithm in 2016, Google have focused heavily on their machine learning technology, particularly to better interpret a user’s intent when they are conducting searches. It’s Google’s goal to provide the best, most accurate answers to their users, so as a website owner you should be targeting the most searched-for questions and provide good quality content that answers these questions thoroughly.

The best place to start your research into what questions are being asked by your customers, is by looking at the data provided by Google Analytics. By regularly reviewing this information, you can gain a solid understanding of the most popular content on your website. If you have an internal search facility available, you can also look at the most searched for terms; either route will give you a good indication of exactly what users are looking for on your website, most frequently.

Another interesting feature to take influence from is the “people also ask” box in some Google SERPs, which can aid you in semantically optimising your content around similar questions. Combine this with Google’s suggested searches and Related Searches and you should have a good variety of questions to tackle.

There is some debate as to which is the best way to actually address these questions and answer them, though. With Google’s featured snippet coming in to play, a popular method is to create good quality content on dedicated pages to answer questions individually, as opposed to a traditional FAQ page. A combination of the two works quite well, with an overall questions page that links to dedicated answers.

WordPress can work extremely well in this particular scenario. By creating a post that answers each question, you can collate your posts on a single page, with excerpt snippets, and direct users to the full article via the handy ‘read more’ link. But remember, you should aim to improve on what answers are already available via Google, and this is no easy task. Be original and creative, but stay focused on being informative and avoid ‘thin content’ at all costs!