How To Improve Engagement With Blog Posts

How To Improve Engagement With Blog Posts

One of the main challenges when creating a new blog post, is making the content engaging enough so that users will interact, share and re-post. Here are a few of our top tips for getting your audience to interact with your blog posts on a regular basis.

Know Your Audience and How Your Content Can Help Them

One of the most crucial factors for engagement with posts, is knowing who your target audience is. Once you have established this, you then have to ensure that the blog post serves a purpose to the readers. Providing solutions to their problems and questions.

The best way to get to know your audience is by creating a marketing persona:

  • Values
  • Who they are
  • Where they work
  • Their interests
  • Other demographic information

Create Content That People Want To Share

Another major factor in creating engagement is having content that people want to share. Any blog that you post should offer unique insight into an issue and then provide a solution to that problem.

What you are looking to do is become an authoritative source of information for your specialist area. This will get people to come back to your posts and share them with their friends, colleagues and family.

Always remember:

  • Write something unique
  • Make your content actionable (compel them to do something about what they’ve read)
  • Offer the best answers to questions
  • Be accurate in your information and statistics
  • Be concise & always update your content

Don’t Just Rely On Words

While the quality of the content you produce is paramount, you shouldn’t rely solely on words to get your message across.

Visuals are now more important than ever, they can help catch the eye of the audience and keep them engaged. Statistics show that 90% of the information your brain processes is visual.

There are many different ways you can use visual media to help improve you content and make it engaging for the audience. Consider using a striking opening image which encapsulates what the piece is about.

Visuals can also help with the layout of the content, using relevant images to break up the content and provide further insight.

Correctly Schedule Your Content Postings

When posting your blogs and content, it is important to get the timings right. Post too often and your audience may not take in all your content. Leave too much time in between postings and your audience may leave for another site.

Using analytics, looking at comments and shares will help you gauge when your audience interacts the most. You can then use this information to your advantage.

Always Respond To Comments

If a reader leaves a comment on one of your posts, you should always respond – whether the comment is positive or negative.

If your audience sees that you are willing to engage and take time to reply to comments, they are more likely to engage further, which in turn should encourage others to like, share and comment.

Here are some tips to responding to comments:

  • Always maintain a professional and friendly voice.
  • Take the time to respond to all of your blog’s comments.
  • Never ignore frequent commenters, even if you find them irritating