How to Improve your E-Commerce Store

How to Improve your E-Commerce Store

Making your E-Commerce store standout from the competition is crucial for your business and we have listed some simple changes you can make to really help your products sell.

Product Write Ups

The descriptions that you give the products in your E-Commerce store are vital to helping a customer decide if they wish to buy your products or go elsewhere.

When you begin to produce your product descriptions, make sure that they appeal to your ideal customer. Producing very generic descriptions doesn’t really help anyone, make it as focused as you can.

Once you have got your description outlined, make sure that you really sell the benefits of your products. A list of features is important, but ultimately customers want to know how your product/service will make their lives better.

Product Images and Videos

You can have the best product descriptions in your industry, but if you images are not up to standard, customers are unlikely to buy your products.

A good product image can be the difference between a customer buying and not buying. While smartphones take better pictures than ever, they still won’t provide you with the resolution to make your product look as good as it can.

Using professional camera equipment will make your images really stand out. Along with this, you should consider using creative angles when taking your images, shoot products from multiple angles. Be sure to include several images on every product page. The more perspectives and viewpoints you have, the better customers will be able to judge your product.

Process your images with filters that enhance colour and overall image quality. Photo filters resolve poor lighting or colour issues and vastly improve your product photos.

Alongside images, product videos can be an extremely powerful tool. This will provide you with another opportunity to reinforce the benefits and quality of your products. It helps the customer visualise using your product and just adds another layer of quality to your E-Commerce.

Customer Reviews

Research from eConsultancy shows that 61% of consumers look to product reviews before making a purchase online, and that product reviews are more trusted than product descriptions written by companies.

Customer reviews make your product pages more effective, allowing shoppers to evaluate the Making sure that you highlight your positive customer reviews and present them correctly to the customer is crucial.

Hopefully these tips can help push your e-commerce to the next level.