Google Quick Answers – The Beginners Guide

Google Quick Answers – The Beginners Guide

The Google Quick Answer Box is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for companies looking to maintain a strong digital presence. Google has been increasing the number of queries that receive a quick answer box over the past couple of years, rising from 20% in December 2014 to 30% by May of 2016.

It is important that your website is well represented within these answers, which provide users with fast, easy-to-digest answers at the top of the search results page – without them having to actually click through to the website.

Google determines which answers are shown by pulling them from high-ranking, authoritative websites which Google is confident will provide the right answer for the users. In general terms the quick answer box is used to respond to queries in search engines which begin with ‘what is’ or ‘how to’.

The Quick Answer Box s is only going to become more and more significant with SERPS, so ensuring your company website is correctly optimised to answer these questions can help you stayed ahead of industry competition. Here is the Soar Online guide to Google Quick Answers.

Understand The Key Factors For Quick Answers

At the moment there is no real set formula or method to help push your website into the Quick Answer Box – however there are certain common criteria that brands which appear seem to share these include:

  • Websites which have 1000 or more referring domains
  • Pages which have a ranking within the top 5 on Google
  • A word count of 2,000 or less on the webpage
  • Pages which consistently have strong user engagement

The main thing to take away from this is Google is looking for sites that provide the user with rich and informative content. Having strong engagement with users, shows Google that your content is high in quality.

Fulfilling these criteria will make your website appealing to Google and boost chances of reaching the Quick Answer Box.

Find and Exploit The Best Opportunities

Looking for the best for opportunities and queries where you think you can reach the Quick Answer Box is very important.

Currently only one site can occupy the box, so making sure your page has the necessary domain authority and engagement rate is of vital importance. Using keyword research and SEO software can become an extremely handy asset.

Research the keywords which drive high traffic and have already made into the Quick Answers. Look at the pages that are ranking in the Quick Answers and look at ways you can outperform them and move your own page into the top position.

And again make sure the page you are optimising for the Quick Answers fulfils the criteria mentioned earlier in the post.

Correctly Optimise Your Page For The Answer Box

This is perhaps the most crucial part of the whole process.

On Page Optimisation: Following the best practices for your on-page optimisation is a no-brainer. Targeting your keywords and using them correctly in page titles, H1’s, H2’s, using internal links and images in the text is of great importance.

It is also vital to remember that Google wants to pull the answers from your page very quickly. Make sure the answer to the question is including in the opening paragraph and consider using bullet points – as these are becoming more and more appealing to search engines.

Off Page Optimisation: Using content distribution and cultivating backlinks is another important factor to consider. This will draw attention to your websites content – which should lead to higher rates of engagement with users in terms of shares, likes etc.

All of these factors can help push your content higher up the SERPS and make you an authoritative source in eyes of Google.

Technical Optimisation: There are several technical optimisation aspects your website can use to help with Quick Answers. Using schema mark-ups will help Google quickly interpret your content and pull out the correct answers.

Also ensure your site is correctly optimised for mobile users, as we all know that the majority of content is now viewed on mobile devices and any sites not correctly optimised suffer in the search engines.

Following these simple steps from Soar Online can help you increase your page ranking and reach the Google Quick Answer Box.