Customer Experience and Why It’s Vital for Success

Customer Experience and Why It’s Vital for Success

The easiest way to quantify customer experience is to step into the shoes of the customer for yourself. When was the last time you had a really great experience when making a booking, a purchase or even just browsing online? How did that experience leave you feeling? Did you visit that same company again or plan to in the future?

On the flip side, what about the last time you had a terrible experience as a customer? 

In simple terms: A happy customer is more likely to become a loyal customer. A loyal customer ultimately helps you to boost revenue in more ways than one. Not only may they offer repeat revenue, but they can also become a promotional tool for your business via word-of-mouth and brand advocation.

This is why customer experience, particularly online, is crucial, as it has a profound impact on how customers see your business as a whole and is critical for sustained growth. 

Importance of Customer Experience

In today’s market, the customers hold all of the power – not the sellers. 

Thanks to the world wide web, customers have access to a plethora of choices at the click of a button, giving them the ability to research, compare and make purchases by themselves.

A fantastic customer experience will be key in ensuring customers choose you over your competitors, continue to do business with you and promote your business to others.

How to Measure Customer Experience

  1. Utilise customer satisfaction surveys

Effective customer satisfaction surveys will give you a useful insight into your customer journey, their experience and how they view your brand, service or product.

Consider including a scoring system to see how likely your customers are to promote your company to others for a numerical indicator.

  1. Identify reasons for customer’s not returning

Sometimes, customer churn is an unavoidable part of business. But you should always strive to investigate the reasons why a customer decided not to make a purchase, or only made a one-off purchase, so that you may be able to prevent it from happening again. 

  1. Ask customers for product or feature requests

Give your customers a platform to pro-actively offer feedback and give suggestions. Whilst surveys are also important, your customers may want a way to actively express their feelings toward your services without being prompted.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to necessarily implement every suggestion offered, but if you notice trends occurring regularly then it will be worth investigating.

Online Customer Experience

Mobile Experience

More and more of your customers are accessing information via a smart device. It’s vital that these customers receive the same fantastic experience as those accessing via desktop computer. 

If your website doesn’t use a dedicated app, it should be responsive at the very least. This means your website should scale and alter so that it displays perfectly no matter the device. It can be extremely frustrating for a potential customer if they can’t view information correctly when looking at your website on their mobile.


It’s easy to fall into a comfort zone when looking at and browsing your own website. Instinctively you know exactly where everything is and how to navigate to it. However, the same can’t always be said for your customers – particularly those accessing the site for the very first time.

It’s vital to have a clean, easy to understand navigation system. Consider running multiple usability tests with in-house and external teams to ensure that your website design is as easy to use, and understand, as possible. 

Creating a fantastic customer experience

Ultimately, the key point is in the name – customer experience. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming you know exactly what your customers want, all of the time. 

Communicating with your audience, gathering feedback, testing and updating is crucial to developing a great customer experience – and remember, with a great customer experience comes happy customers, referrals and ultimately more business.

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