Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

It can be quite a struggle to grow your follower base on Twitter, especially if you are starting completely from scratch. There may be a lot of competition in the same marketplace and sometimes it can feel as though your message is getting lost in the crowd.

There is an option to give your account a boost, in the form of purchased followers. In some cases, it can give you a platform to continue to grow your followers as well as give your profile a presence. But is it a good idea to purchase twitter followers?

Let’s take a look at the options:

  • Purchase “fake” followers to give your account the appearance of having a strong presence on Twitter
  • Purchase legitimate followers, which can be more expensive and more labour-intensive but give you a more long-term upgrade
  • Build your follower base organically over a long period of time

Why Should I Buy Fake Twitter Followers?

It may seem like a waste of time and resource to purchase “fake” followers, as you won’t receive any engagement from an audience that isn’t real, but there is an underlying logic to this route. According to research, up to 15% of Twitter profiles are fake and you can’t deny that the marketplace for purchasing Twitter followers exists for a reason.

Ultimately, purchasing ‘fake’ Twitter followers gives your profile the appearance that it is popular. At first glance, potential new followers are more likely to join the party if they have the impression that you have a sizable number of followers to begin with. But be weary – savvy Twitter users will be able to spot fake followers relatively easily, particularly if your profile has no content or engagement but a large follower base!

How Can I Buy Fake Twitter Followers?

If you are sure that it is the route for you to take and have weighed up the pros and cons of purchasing Twitter followers, there are a few options for you to take. You can find services on websites such as Fiverr where freelance marketers will offer thousands of followers for as little as $10, although the authenticity of such services is questionable. A quick Google search will lead you to a number of dedicated websites that offer Twitter followers for purchase, although it is interesting to note that some of the most popular websites have closed recently.

Why Should I Buy Real Twitter Followers?

The alternative, and more expensive option, is to purchase Twitter followers that are “real people” with real accounts. There is no guarantee that these accounts will continue to follow you for long periods of time, and you will find that there are no refund guarantees on such services, but at least you will have interaction with legitimate Twitter users.

It is a faster option than organically growing your followers if your budget allows for it, and other Twitter users may not even notice that these followers have been paid for their attention; thus giving your profile a look of authenticity and popularity without having the caveat of a dormant audience.

How Can I Buy Real Twitter Followers?

The most obvious route is to set up a campaign through Twitter itself, where you pay per user that follows your account via your ad. If you budget correctly and set up your Twitter Ads campaign with the correct target audience in mind, this can be a very successful route to growing your follower base with legitimate accounts. This doesn’t completely remove the risk of your account being followed by fake profiles or bots, but you can always fine tune Twitter’s targeting algorithm with a custom list of ‘wanted’ followers.

Should I Buy Twitter Followers?

Of course, the answer to this depends on your goal and overall marketing campaign, and moderation is important here. There are both pros and cons to the tactics above and you should always seek to grow an organic follower base.

Ensure that your profile is offering interesting content first and try your hand at some paid Twitter ads. Whilst the spend may be a little more and it may take you a little longer to grow your following, you can expect a much larger percentage of genuine accounts as new followers.

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