How are backlinks relevant and what backlinks do you have?

How are backlinks relevant and what backlinks do you have?

Backlinks are one of the oldest and most proven methods for increasing positions with search engines, but how relevant are they in the ever changing world of SEO? Well the answer is very important.

Why You Still Need Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most essential factors in the success or failure of a website. When beginning your backlink building strategy it is important to consider the quality of the backlinks you are looking to obtain – rather than the quantity.

In order for your website to feel the full impact of backlinks with the search engines such as Google, you have to look to acquire backlinks from high quality, reputable and relevant sources.  Taking the time to obtain these quality backlinks will see your website rewarded with increased search engine positioning.

According to a recent study by Econsultancy, links from credible sources that mention your website are still valuable today, although a slow decline for the future is expected.

Here are some top tips to help increase the number of quality backlinks to your website.

Create Original Content

Google’s recent Penguin update have made it more important than ever for your to produce original, engaging content that is targeted at your audience. Any content that you produce in a blog including images, infographics, and video can be used to build an audience – but they also can help gain recommendations and links from key influencers.

Google’s updated algorithms have been designed to eliminate any spammy websites that are stuffed with keywords.

Search Engine Optimisation Including Mobile Optimisation

Ensuring your website is correctly optimised for both desktop and mobile is critical. In short SEO is the practice of building your website including the inbound links to maximize your ranking in search engines, where the vast majority of customers begin their buying process.

Ensuring your website is indexed properly and that all links show correctly on mobile – which is taking over the way people search for content. Being optimised for mobile including load times and removal of old links (both internal and external) will have a major impact on search engine positioning.

Social Media Backlinks

One of the growing forces when it comes to backlinks for your website is social media. Developing authentic and relevant links to qualified sources on sites such as Google Plus, LinkedIn and Reddit can be of great benefit.

While there is no direct effect on rankings from social media backlinks, one of the main benefits is the brand awareness and recognition that will come from links with key influencers.

It may not be possible for your business to focus on all of these areas, so to start with pick a couple that you can really target and build from there. But always remember quality over quantity.